Why BioCote®

BioCote® is the market leading antimicrobial additive supplier. With over 20 years’ experience, BioCote® are experts in antimicrobial technology and are dedicated to helping businesses around the world create products that are more hygienic and protected against the negative effects of microorganisms such as bacteria and mould.

Read on to understand why businesses choose to work with BioCote® to create superior antimicrobial products.

Why our customers choose BioCote®


We have a single focus – the application of antimicrobial technology. It is what we do and why we are the antimicrobial additive supplier of choice to market leading companies around the world.


Our knowledge of microbiology and materials chemistry underpins our business, enabling BioCote® to produce additives that reduce microbes by up to 99.99% time and time again.


Established for over 20 years, we have many years practice of working with the widest variety of materials and product applications. Where others fail to deliver, BioCote® succeed.

Complete Range of Additives

We have an antimicrobial additive for every potential application; whatever the material or product, however it will be manufactured, wherever it will be sold and whatever the microbial problem.


We are more than just an antimicrobial additive supplier. We work in partnership with our customers throughout product development, to market entry and beyond. And our dedicated support package ensures every BioCote® partner maximises their return on investment.

Tried & Trusted

You can be assured any additive supplied by BioCote® has been through our externally audited quality control process. Only additives that meet our own exacting, self-imposed standards are suitable for sale.


Ongoing quality control testing allows you and your customer to have absolute confidence that your product is performing to the high standards required of all products protected by BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology.

Proven Performance

Our additives work, not just in the laboratory but in the hundreds of real life environments that BioCote® protected products are used around the world everyday.

Global Presence

We are truly a global business. BioCote® additives are supplied by road, rail, air and sea to our customers around the world everyday.

Sign of Quality

The BioCote® trademark is recognised as a sign of antimicrobial quality. It’s that simple to communicate to your customers your product is protected by the antimicrobial brand you can trust.

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