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Antimicrobial Additives for Paints and Coatings

BioCote® offers a range of antimicrobial additives for paints and coatings, all of which provide lasting protection against the negative effects of bacteria, mould and viruses.

General industrial, decorative and speciality coatings and inks can all benefit from lasting antimicrobial technology. Whatever the chemistry (solvent or water based, liquid or powder system), regardless of the application (in-can or dry film preservation), we will have an antimicrobial additive to suit your needs.

BioCote® antimicrobial additives for paints and coatings actively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and viruses on a product by up to 99.99%, ultimately reducing the risk of cross-contamination and complimenting existing hygiene protocols. They will also minimise staining, reduce bad odours and extend a product’s functional lifetime.

Articles within hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals, schools, care homes and food production facilities are known to harbour pathogenic bacteria and other microbes for extended periods of time; the H1N1 genome in particular is reported to survive on surfaces for up to 24 hours. This, combined with the increased prevalence of antibiotic resistance and reports that cleaning agents are having a reduced effect of microbial colonisation, is why leading global brands are turning to BioCote® for support in developing proven and effective antimicrobial paints and coatings that can be applied to common contact surfaces within these environments, such as flooring, elevator buttons, light switches, door handles and bathroom fittings.

Our current list of brand partners who benefit from paints and coatings containing BioCote® antimicrobial additives includes Akzo Nobel, HMG Paints, Teknos and G Techniq.

If you would like to develop a paint or coating that contains trusted BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology, contact BioCote® today and our friendly and helpful team will work to recommend the best antimicrobial additive solution. Alternatively, why not try out our intuitive widget that will recommend an additive based on your specifications.

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