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Antimicrobial Protection for Ceramic

BioCote® antimicrobial protection is a globally recognised treatment suitable for a range of ceramics.

Antimicrobial Additives for Ceramics

Ceramics, such as sanitary ware and floor and wall tiles, are typically used for their hard wearing, easy-clean performance qualities. However, ceramics are no less susceptible to colonisation by microbes, meaning they can present unseen threats and cause products to become stained and unsightly.

BioCote’s antimicrobial protection range includes antimicrobial additives for ceramics. These additives can be introduced into a ceramic surface during the manufacturing process to provide lasting protection from microbes. BioCote’s antimicrobial additives are suitable for a range of different ceramics including:

  • Earthenware (typically used for domestic ware such as mugs)
  • Stoneware (typically used for pottery)
  • Porcelain (used for a range of household and industrial products)

What are the Benefits of Antimicrobial Ceramics?

BioCote® offers a range of antimicrobial additives for ceramics that can be easily introduced during the production process. Not only resistant to the high temperatures experienced during firing, our actives will provide superior antimicrobial performance against a wide variety of microbes for the functional lifetime of your ceramic product; all at a realistic budget.

Antimicrobial ceramics containing BioCote® will be effective against harmful microbes including bacteria and mould for their expected lifetime, making them more hygienic and safer to use.

Why Trust BioCote®?

Products containing BioCote® are used and trusted by millions of people around the world in some of the most testing environments. Globally renowned companies who benefit from a range of BioCote® protected products include Akzo Nobel, Formica, Deb and many more.

Request an Antimicrobial Ceramic Additive Sample

If you are looking to trial an antimicrobial additive in your ceramic product range, BioCote® will happily provide a free-of-charge* antimicrobial additive sample for you to include in your manufacturing process. Once the additive has been added to the ceramic, we will then ask you to send it to BioCote® for analysis at an independent certified laboratory where a team of experienced microbiologists will measure the antimicrobial performance of your paper using the appropriate international ISO test method.

To request a sample, or to speak to a member of the BioCote® team about making your ceramic products antimicrobial, submit a contact form or call us on +44 (0) 2477 712 489.

Which Antimicrobial Ceramic Additive Would BioCote® Recommend for my Product?

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