Antimicrobial Communication Systems


About Vocera

The Vocera Communications System enables instant, wireless voice communication that users control with naturally spoken commands.

This easy-to-use system is ideal for hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and other in-building environments where mobile workers need to stay in contact to perform their jobs. The Vocera system has proven to improve staff communication, productivity, and teamwork by enabling immediate voice communication among teams.

The Vocera B3000 Communications Badge is a small, wearable, wireless device that provides a voice-controlled user interface to the Vocera Communications System. The Badge enables immediate, hands-free conversations among people at the point of care or service.

The system has been adopted word wide by hospitals and health facilities which by nature look for materials incorporate antimicrobial material. Vocera incorporates BioCote antimicrobial technology into the B3000 Badge, battery and charger to reduce microbes.

Benefits to your business


Consumers, distributors and retailers around the world recognise the BioCote brand, making purchasing decisions quicker.


Your new product feature allows you to take advantage of the combined goodwill created by our partners around the world.


Market research shows customers are more likely to purchase products with BioCote protection and are prepared to pay a premium.

What our partners say

  • Partnering with Biocote was a simple decision: to be able to show our customers we use a proven supplier with knowledge in this specialist area and allows us to combine our expertise and provide the market with new and exciting solutions. The antimicrobial feature for our cable management systems allowed us to differentiate ourselves with PVC trunking in the Health and Education sectors, key markets for REHAU.

    Jo Trotman
    Jo Trotman Marketing Communications Manager at Rehau
  • The Decorative Panels Group have always been at the forefront of innovative products and as such following extensive research it was natural for us to enter the market with an antimicrobial product. Having met BioCote and been introduced to the effectiveness of the product, coupled with the impressive client portfolio they already had, we made the decision that they would be the ideal partner for us to work with.

    Charlotte Metcalfe
    Charlotte Metcalfe Marketing Manager at Decorative Panels
  • We launched our antimicrobial chair range initially to add a genuine USP to our customers, but quickly extended our ranges into tables and storage units. Our products are primarily used in schools where children's immune system has not quite developed fully, so our antimicrobial range not only benefits the pupils, but also the school, too. The expertise and advice given is streets ahead of the other antimicrobial companies that we contacted, plus we especially liked the excellent marketing support and documentation available via the partner portal.

    Adrian Gayler
    Adrian Gayler Marketing Director at Proform Europe