Antimicrobial Bathroom Products


About Sabbia

Sabbia is a company whose focus is on creativity, design and technology in manufacturing of bathtubs, sinks and washbasins for both the domestic and commercial industries.

Bathtubs stimulate a moment of peace, tranquillity and rest, with the Sabbia design inspired by nature, your experience is enhanced by their innovative designs. The unique sensation of touch the surface of Sabbia’s products deliver is down to the smoothness, brightness and consistency of the finish.

Design is important, but so is hygiene. Sabbia have incorporated BioCote® into their product ranges to deliver the most hygienic performance possible for users. BioCote Ltd are a leading provider of antimicrobial technology that has been developed to destroy 99.99% of bacteria and mould on a treated surface. It is fully incorporated into Sabbia’s products at manufacturing stage and is active for the lifetime of the product.

In industries such as hotels, for example, the importance of hygiene is paramount. Sabbia’s partnership with BioCote Ltd takes hygiene one step further, making it a product you can trust.

If you are interested in Sabbia’s, or in making your own products antimicrobial, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the BioCote® team on +44 (0)2477 712 489. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Benefits to your business


Where other antimicrobial technologies may simply be a cost, BioCote is a low-risk investment upon which you can expect a return.


By creating a BioCote protected product, partners have opened doors into new market sectors and territories around the globe.


BioCote partners have successfully grown their business by increasing profit margins, winning new business & gaining market share.

What our partners say

  • We chose to work with BioCote because they are the leading antimicrobial brand. We explored other options but soon realised the knowledge, experience and credibility they bring to the table could not be matched. When customers purchase our products we want them to be assured the product will deliver in every aspect, this includes delivering superior antimicrobial performance.

    Lindsay McKenzie
    Lindsay McKenzieManaging Director at BioClad
  • The Decorative Panels Group have always been at the forefront of innovative products and as such following extensive research it was natural for us to enter the market with an antimicrobial product. Having met BioCote and been introduced to the effectiveness of the product, coupled with the impressive client portfolio they already had, we made the decision that they would be the ideal partner for us to work with.

    Charlotte Metcalfe
    Charlotte MetcalfeMarketing Manager at Decorative Panels
  • Partnering with Biocote was a simple decision: to be able to show our customers we use a proven supplier with knowledge in this specialist area and allows us to combine our expertise and provide the market with new and exciting solutions. The antimicrobial feature for our cable management systems allowed us to differentiate ourselves with PVC trunking in the Health and Education sectors, key markets for REHAU.

    Jo Trotman
    Jo TrotmanMarketing Communications Manager at Rehau