Antimicrobial Cable Management Solutions


Antimicrobial Cable Management Solutions by REHAU

Offering a vast range of cable management solutions worldwide, REHAU has designed and developed innovative and robust cable containment products dedicated to the UK & Irish markets. Quiet, unobtrusive aesthetics, fast easy installation and the ability to meet the latest standards and regulations are all incorporated into REHAU’s cable trunking solutions.

REHAU has an antimicrobial option available for both its PROFILA data and COMPACT data cable management systems.

PROFILA Data Trunking is a robust system based around a triangular shaped uPVC main base profile and a single lid, making installation faster and less expensive than alternative options. High impact resistant material and re-inforced design make PROFILA cable management systems the perfect solution for demanding applications where hard wear is the norm.

A sister product of PROFILA, COMPACT Data Trunking is the result of a significant investment by REHAU to meet the developing UK cable management market requirements. COMPACT data’s symmetrical design maximises cabling space giving up to 30% more cabling capacity than other similar sized systems. This gives the specifier the ability to run a larger number of data cables through tight spaces such as between desks and window sills.

Both cable management solutions can be offered with added BioCote® protection. The silver ion antimicrobial additive imbues the PVC with lasting antimicrobial properties, helping to reduce the presence of harmful microorganisms by up to 99%. This inbuilt resistance to bacteria and mould makes REHAU’s antimicrobial cable management ranges perfect for use in hygiene conscious environments, including hospitals and schools.

If you would like to find out more about REHAU’s antimicrobial cable management solutions, or are interested in making your own product range antimicrobial, contact a member of the BioCote® team today on +44 (0) 2477 712 489 or message us.

Benefits to your business


Where other antimicrobial technologies may simply be a cost, BioCote is a low-risk investment upon which you can expect a return.


BioCote partners have successfully grown their business by increasing profit margins, winning new business & gaining market share.


By creating a BioCote protected product, partners have opened doors into new market sectors and territories around the globe.

What our partners say

  • We chose BioCote because we wanted the security of working with a company that would do more than simply sell us an additive or give us an unrecognisable trademark to co-brand our product. BioCote made our entrance into the antimicrobial market easy. They seamlessly integrated themselves into our business and have done so ever since, ensuring we have always operated with maximum confidence.

    Chris Garner
    Chris Garner Marketing Director at Waterlogic
  • BioCote has become a fundamental feature of our product, particularly overseas where the inclusion of the technology has seen us win business against local competition in China, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, India, Chile, South Africa and the Middle East. When we are competing for a project, BioCote technology has positively influenced decision makers to choose our product.

    Lindsay McKenzie
    Lindsay McKenzie Managing Director at BioClad
  • BioCote provides our range of dog toys with an additional USP. Also, it helps to address concerns over germs which can be passed from pet to owner. We are all so aware of the threat of viruses and bacteria nowadays and we wanted to help families help prevent these being passed through their dog’s toys. After launching BioSafe Germ Smart Dog toys (which are manufactured with BioCote) we have had positive feedback from both our customers and the end consumer.

    Eleanor Dyer
    Eleanor Dyer Assistant Product Manager at Rosewood Pet Product