Antimicrobial Musical Instruments


About pTrumpet

The pTrumpet is the world’s first all-plastic trumpet. The fully functioning Bb trumpet was designed by a team of British musicians to provide an affordable, lightweight and durable alternative to a brass trumpet.

The award-winning pTrumpet features a 4 ¾ bell, a water key, the world first fully plastic valve system and patented polymer lead pipe technology for unrivalled sound quality and playability.

Precision plastic engineering makes it incredibly tough. Weighing just 500g, pTrumpet has been designed so even the smallest hands can find a comfortable, effective grip.

Featuring BioCote antimicrobial technology for ultimate protection against microbes, such as bacteria and mould.

Available in six colours, it comes with a fabric bag and will play straight away with no need for oil.

Priced £125, the pTrumpet is available from all good music retailers. For more information, visit

Benefits to your business


Your new product feature allows you to take advantage of the combined goodwill created by our partners around the world.


Market research shows customers are more likely to purchase products with BioCote protection and are prepared to pay a premium.


Consumers, distributors and retailers around the world recognise the BioCote brand, making purchasing decisions quicker.

What our partners say

  • BioCote has contributed significantly to the value of our brand. The introduction of BioCote has enabled us to reinvent our business and consequently we have seen an average 97% increase in sales year on year since our partnership began.

    Lindsay McKenzie
    Lindsay McKenzieManaging Director at BioClad
  • We chose to work with BioCote as it is the leading brand in this field and a brand we felt we could trust. We found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable; they are truly experts in all things antimicrobial! Partnering with BioCote has benefited Rosewood for these reasons but also because it has meant that we are now associated with another quality brand.

    Eleanor Dyer
    Eleanor DyerAssistant Product Manager at Rosewood Pet Product
  • The Decorative Panels Group have always been at the forefront of innovative products and as such following extensive research it was natural for us to enter the market with an antimicrobial product. Having met BioCote and been introduced to the effectiveness of the product, coupled with the impressive client portfolio they already had, we made the decision that they would be the ideal partner for us to work with.

    Charlotte Metcalfe
    Charlotte MetcalfeMarketing Manager at Decorative Panels