Pagel Construction Chemicals

Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions


About Pagel Construction Chemicals

Pagel Construction Chemicals is a manufacturer of chemicals which are used to improve, repair and protect residential, commercial and industrial construction assets. Established in Pakistan in 2006, the company has a manufacturing facility in Faisalabad that specialises in liquid powder and resin production. Additional innovative products and technologies are sourced from affiliate companies in a bid to meet the ever-changing local demands of the multi-season country.

Pagel industrial floors constantly demonstrate their advantages compared to other floor coverings. To name but a few benefits, their products are joint-less, self-levelling, watertight and hardwearing. The company prides itself on its ability to adapt to the changing, developing needs of the sectors it works in. By adjusting and modifying their products, Pagel’s floor coatings can be improved to suit the specific needs of almost every application.

A partnership with BioCote means Pagel can now offer an ultimate antimicrobial flooring solution for those hygiene conscious environments. Working around the clock, BioCote® Technology adds an extra layer of protection to Pagel products; reducing 99.99% of bacteria and complementing existing cleaning routines to ensure optimum hygiene levels are achieved.

If you are interested in any of Pagel’s products, or in making your own product antimicrobial, please do not hesitate to get in touch.