OBO Bettermann

Cable trunking with BioCote® antimicrobial technology

OBO Bettermann

Since 1911, OBO Bettermann have been combining tradition with innovation. The goal of OBO to create the highest quality electrical and data connection infrastructure technologies has stood the test of time. Their pioneering spirit remains to be the driving force behind new and exciting developments within the global market of electrical infrastructure.

OBO’s product portfolio is truly impressive, with over 30,000 products available in the marketplace to make installations faster, simpler, and more effective. With 4,200 workers operating in over 60 countries, OBO is indeed a global business.


Tradition meets innovation

If you wanted to set an anchor into concrete or masonry in 1952, it was accepted as common knowledge that a hole needed to be drilled into the wall to do so. This was something nobody thought to question – all except one particular OBO engineer, who dared to think beyond established norms.

As a result, they created a metallic anchor with a unique design that allowed it to be mounted straight into the wall without the need for drilling. This simple solution marked a revolutionary change that significantly eased the work of tradesmen of the time.

From this moment, the company’s name OBO was created: ‘Ohne Bohren’, meaning ‘without drilling’.

Half a century later, OBO’s pioneering spirit has not faded away. Their engineers continue to work on the creation of new products and the improvement of existing ones, enhancing infrastructure projects and materials around the globe.


Cat 6, Cat 6a & Cat 7 Compatible Data Trunking now integrated with BioCote® technology*

Cable management is an essential part of every workspace – it protects your cables from wear and tear whilst saving your time (and patience) from having to untangle wires for hours on end.

Whether it be a doctor’s surgery, a classroom, or an office, it goes without saying that products in these environments must be kept clean and fresh. This is why, COMPACT Data and PROFILA Data cable trunkings by OBO Bettermann are now integrated with BioCote® antimicrobial technology to continuously inhibit the growth of odour, staining and material degradation causing microbes on the product’s surface.


Once integrated, BioCote® antimicrobial technology has been proven to remain effective for up to 25 years, and can improve the durability of treated products through protecting against material degradation. This means that the COMPACT Data and PROFILA Data cable trunkings will have improved functionality, further adding a cost benefit to the product range. OBO’s treated products also perfectly complement existing cleaning, and their ease of application and maintenance make them suitable for a broad range of settings.


How BioCote® can support you

If you are interested in the antimicrobial range of OBO Bettermann, please visit their site here. To find out how to protect your own products with proven BioCote® antimicrobial technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on +44 (0)2477 712 489. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

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