Di Solle

Antimicrobial Kitchen Utensils


About Di Solle

Founded in 1996, and with almost 20 years of history, the Di Solle is one of the largest and most important manufacturers of cutlery, knives and utensils of Brazil. The industrial park occupies an area of 7,000 sqm. in the neighborhood of Varzea Grande in Gramado (RS).

With an industrial structure complete and modern, their productive processes respect nature that characterizes the region where it is located.

With more than 200 direct employees, presents more than 20 lines of cutlery, knives, utensils and utilities and approximately 800 versions of composition of mix of products sold throughout the national territory and in more than 35 countries on 4 continents.

Innovative design and high quality standard are requirements that Di Solle imposes since the first steps of the manufacturing process, until delivery to the customer.

That is why creativity and product innovation and excellence in customer service are among the core values of the company to continue to grow solidly and permanent.

Benefits to your business


Your new product feature allows you to take advantage of the combined goodwill created by our partners around the world.


Consumers, distributors and retailers around the world recognise the BioCote brand, making purchasing decisions quicker.


Market research shows customers are more likely to purchase products with BioCote protection and are prepared to pay a premium.

What our partners say

  • In an environment where hygiene is critical and antimicrobial technology is standard in temperature measurement equipment it is reassuring for Comark and our customers to know we are working with the best. Not just a globally recognised brand, BioCote is proven effective against microbes that cause illness, spoil food and reduces the potential for cross contamination.

    Beverley Taylor
    Beverley Taylor Marketing Manager at Comark Instruments
  • Partnering with Biocote was a simple decision: to be able to show our customers we use a proven supplier with knowledge in this specialist area and allows us to combine our expertise and provide the market with new and exciting solutions. The antimicrobial feature for our cable management systems allowed us to differentiate ourselves with PVC trunking in the Health and Education sectors, key markets for REHAU.

    Jo Trotman
    Jo Trotman Marketing Communications Manager at Rehau
  • We chose to work with BioCote because they are the leading antimicrobial brand. We explored other options but soon realised the knowledge, experience and credibility they bring to the table could not be matched. When customers purchase our products we want them to be assured the product will deliver in every aspect, this includes delivering superior antimicrobial performance.

    Lindsay McKenzie
    Lindsay McKenzie Managing Director at BioClad
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