Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilators


The Only Antimicrobial Vaginal Dilators by BioMoi™

Many events in a woman’s life have a profound impact on their health and sexual comfort, from childbirth to menopause, from illness to traumas.

BioMoi’s vision is to provide women with the best quality of vaginal dilators on the market. BioMoi has deliberately specified dilators made of US Platinum silicone designed to offer a smooth glide into the vaginal opening. The design and material have been carefully chosen to help women reclaim the right to fulfilling their sexuality. In addition, BioMoi’s dilators come in a variety of sizes to compliment each women’s body and therapy for vaginal tightness and pelvic pain.

BioMoi™ are in partnership with BioCote®, the market leader in antimicrobial solutions. The BioCote® technology integrated throughout BioMoi™ vaginal dilators compliments hygiene by actively reducing microbes on the surface of the dilator, keeping them fresher for longer.*

BioCote® antimicrobial technology reduces over 99% of microbes such as bacteria and mold that can cause odors and staining on the BioMoi dilators. It does not leach, wash off or wear away, but will provide lasting protection for the expected lifetime of the vaginal dilators. This added level of protection makes BioMoi’s vaginal dilators the only antimicrobial dilators available, and the best choice for women looking to reclaim their sexuality.

If you are interested in BioMoi’s range of antimicrobial vaginal dilators, or in making your own product range antimicrobial, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the BioCote® team on +44 (0) 2477 712 489. Alternatively, you can contact us here.


*BioCote® technology does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices.

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