Abet Laminati

Antimicrobial Designer Laminates

Antimicrobial Designer Laminates by Abet Laminati

Antimicrobial Designer Laminates by Abet Laminati

Abet Laminati have chosen to partner with BioCote® to provide integrated antibacterial protection for their top of the range product, Lamishield.

Founded at the end of the 1950s, Abet Laminati is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative laminates – particularly high-pressure decorative laminates, commonly known as HPL.

Abet Laminati is constantly expanding its range with innovative research into new decors and textures capable of arousing curiosity, awakening emotions and bringing inspiration via their diverse and bespoke designs.

By partnering with BioCote®, Abet Laminati has added another performance capability to their wide range of technical and decorative laminates, which are the answer to a specific, increasing requirement: the reduction of the risk of infection and illness related to cross contamination. BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology reduces the number of bacteria on a surface by up to 99.99% and alongside a thorough cleaning regime, makes environments undeniably more hygienic.

Thanks to Abet Laminati, and with the help of BioCote®, consumers can now purchase top of the range, designer laminates for various applications such as furniture, flooring, transport, construction (both external and internal) and much more, with the added benefit of proven antimicrobial protection.

BioCote® is a global organisation, complementing Abet Laminati’s international market reach.

If you are interested in Abet Laminiati’s antimicrobial designer laminates, or in making your own products antimicrobial by partnering with BioCote®, please do not hesitate to contact a member of team on +44 (0) 2477 712 489 or message us.

Benefits to your business


Consumers, distributors and retailers around the world recognise the BioCote brand, making purchasing decisions quicker.


Market research shows customers are more likely to purchase products with BioCote protection and are prepared to pay a premium.


Your new product feature allows you to take advantage of the combined goodwill created by our partners around the world.

What our partners say

  • Partnering with Biocote was a simple decision: to be able to show our customers we use a proven supplier with knowledge in this specialist area and allows us to combine our expertise and provide the market with new and exciting solutions. The antimicrobial feature for our cable management systems allowed us to differentiate ourselves with PVC trunking in the Health and Education sectors, key markets for REHAU.

    Jo Trotman
    Jo Trotman Marketing Communications Manager at Rehau
  • BioCote provides our range of dog toys with an additional USP. Also, it helps to address concerns over germs which can be passed from pet to owner. We are all so aware of the threat of viruses and bacteria nowadays and we wanted to help families help prevent these being passed through their dog’s toys. After launching BioSafe Germ Smart Dog toys (which are manufactured with BioCote) we have had positive feedback from both our customers and the end consumer.

    Eleanor Dyer
    Eleanor Dyer Assistant Product Manager at Rosewood Pet Product
  • Having now worked together for over 10 years we know each other well, our relationship continues to flourish on a foundation of trust, understanding and mutual respect. Like any relationship it has developed and improved over time but it is these qualities that have seen BioCote become a partner in the truest sense of the word.

    Chris Garner
    Chris Garner Marketing Director at Waterlogic
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