Joining the BioCote® Team: Reynold Mpofu

Joining the BioCote® Team: Reynold Mpofu

1.9 min readPublished On: November 29th, 2021By
1.9 min readPublished On: November 29th, 2021By
Reynold Mpofu

Antimicrobial technology is something completely different from what I’ve done before, and it was genuine curiosity that ultimately led me to apply for a role at BioCote®. I’ve worked in fields of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical microbiology before, so I am looking forward to utilizing my existing experience to best serve the diverse customer base at BioCote®.

– Raynold Mpofu

Our Technical Team has yet again welcomed a new starter! Reynold Mpofu has joined BioCote® as a Microbiologist and will help with maintaining but also updating our quality systems and will also oversee the creation of reports to communicate outcomes of quality activities. Having another microbiologist in the team has allowed us to extend our capabilities and take on more workload than ever before!

Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Biochemistry from The University of Huddersfield, Rey has more than 6 years of experience under his belt working in a laboratory environment.

We asked Rey what he does in his spare time and found out that he is quite an energetic and adventurous type – thank you and welcome to the team, Rey!

“I’ve always been an avid fan of football and rugby, whether that be playing or watching the games. In addition, I visit the gym every day and I am a keen runner as well!

I’ve always considered myself to be someone seeking adventure while having loads of fun doing it – just a couple of months ago, I travelled to Spain for my best mate’s stag party and really had a blast after not being able to travel for so long. I also love going for road trips across several countries with my friends. Last time we went for one, we managed to visit Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland in one week!

Even though most of my hobbies take me outside, I love a nice, quiet day in – dabbling in some DIY projects and watching some horror movies. Philosophy is something that has also intrigued me for a long time, specifically areas focused on thinking, responsiveness, reflection, reason, and re-evaluation. My hope is to learn to think better, to act more wisely and to understand my actions and decision-making process.”

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology in Mental Health Facility Design

Designing environments for mental health facilities requires a specific diligence to focus on creating spaces that are safe, reliable, and low maintenance. This week, BioCote® had the pleasure of attending the Design in Mental Health event, where we connected with our partners who are leading the way in innovative design solutions for these environments.