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Familiarity brings expertise and expertise leads to authority. Of course, expertise and authority in one subject does not confer familiarity with other, unrelated subjects; that’s where partnership can pay off in dividends. The whole point of operating in partnership is to facilitate real progress and achieve objectives that, to the unfamiliar individual, are a veritable challenge.

Ok, let’s present you with a relevant example:

A manufacturer of, say, polymer components for the automotive industry has reason to pursue an antimicrobial version of their existing product range. They have an established reputation and healthy customer base but know next to nothing about antimicrobials. The reason for expanding their production to include antimicrobial products is customer-driven, so the manufacturer is keen to make progress with this project and deliver the antimicrobial products to their customers’ satisfaction. They also want to have the utmost confidence that the project is conducted correctly, in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with any relevant regulations.

In short, they need expert help.

Choosing the right antimicrobial brand to partner with is an important decision; it can be the difference between product success and failure. An alliance with BioCote not only offers you a brand which is trusted around the world but also the collective knowledge and experience of a team of people who will become your dedicated antimicrobial department.

We provide comprehensive support to those within your organisation who are responsible for winning business, ensuring your sales message is confident, compelling and credible. We also offer 24/7 access to our online Partner Portal meaning, no matter where you are in the world, you can benefit from access to front-line support, marketing collateral, test data and business leads.

Not convinced? Let some of our current partners do the talking…

“Working with BioCote was a step forward in being able to supply antimicrobial cable management products into the industry. REHAU would recommend BioCote to other companies; they have provided us great technical support, especially when we started trialling and testing the effectiveness of the antimicrobial material. They also provided great marketing support to help showcase our solutions.”

– Jo Trotman, Marketing Communications Manager at Rehau

“Would I recommend BioCote to other companies? YES. After dealing with other antimicrobial technology partners, BioCote has proven to be the easiest to work with and given us full support where needed, as well as creating a full real-life case study using our products that has given very positive results for the world’s first antimicrobial classroom.”

– Adrian Gayler, Marketing Director at Proform Europe

“BioCote has contributed significantly to the value of our brand. The introduction of BioCote has enabled us to reinvent our business and consequently we have seen an average 97% increase in sales year on year since our partnership began.”

– Lindsey Mckenzie, Managing Director at BioClad

Is a partnership with BioCote now starting to make a lot more sense? We thought so! Give us a call to find out more about the benefits of working with us: +44 (0) 2477 712 459.

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