Lojer: Delivering ultimate hygiene in healthcare

Lojer: Delivering ultimate hygiene in healthcare

3.2 min readPublished On: November 11th, 2019By
3.2 min readPublished On: November 11th, 2019By
lojer stakeholder magazine

We are extremely proud of our ongoing relationship with Lojer and all our partners. It is through the success of their products that we achieve the greatest satisfaction and value of our brand. Without our partners we would not have achieved the global status and reputation that we hold today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lojer for their partnership and are looking forward to continue to work in close cooperation with them moving forward.

David Hall, Managing Director of BioCote®

BioCote® has recently been featured in the annual stakeholder magazine of Lojer, a trusted partner company based in Sastamala, Finland. Established around 100 years ago, Lojer is Finland’s biggest manufacturer of hospital and care equipment, including operating tables, hospital beds, care beds and accessories. The business is part of the Finnish Hygtech Alliance, a group of BioCote partners that also includes ISKU, Oras, Korpinen, Abloy and Teknos, who are committed to creating ultimate hygiene solutions.

Benefits of antimicrobial technology in healthcare

The overall benefit of antimicrobial technology is the improvement of hygiene in all environments, but particularly for healthcare settings where hygiene is of the utmost importance. BioCote® technology is intended to work alongside a regular and robust cleaning regime and a stringent hand hygiene routine. With these three elements working in perfect harmony in a healthcare facility, introducing antimicrobial technology creates the ultimate hygiene solution.

This is because BioCote® works around the clock, reducing the number of microbes on protected surfaces and therefore reducing the potential risk of cross-contamination from those surfaces to other surfaces or users within and surrounding this environment.

Whilst not all microbes are harmful to human health, there are some microbes we do not want to be present in healthcare settings where you may have vulnerable patients. These microbes can also impact a product’s longevity, as they cause odours, staining and material degradation. The integration of BioCote® therefore has the potential to improve the product lifetime, increasing the sustainability of such a product.

Most common materials treated with antimicrobial additives

Over the years BioCote® has worked with a multitude of partners producing a wealth of products that can be introduced into a healthcare environment. The main focus in such areas are common touch surfaces such as door handles, bed frames, countertops and computer equipment, but just as critical are surfaces including wall cladding, flooring, ceiling and light fittings.

BioCote® partners supply other products such as breathing apparatus, pill dispensers, blood transport bags, phone cases and even medical staff pagers. The possibility for application of BioCote® technology is limited only by the imagination.

Preferred additives in healthcare environment

BioCote® has a comprehensive range of additives and when making a product specification we take a holistic approach, accounting for several factors that can impact the suitability of the applied technology. What this means is that customers such as Lojer can rest assured that all factors have been considered during the product development stage.

Generally speaking, most BioCote® partners that supply into a healthcare setting use a silver-based technology. The main reasons for this are that silver is a widely recognised antimicrobial that holds the appropriate regulatory status and has a premium, broad-spectrum antimicrobial performance that has been proven time and time again, both in a laboratory and in real life. The performance of BioCote® silver-based antimicrobial technology is guaranteed to last the lifetime of a product with a performance of over 95% reduction.

The future of antimicrobial technology

BioCote® expects and is already seeing evidence of antimicrobial technology being specified as standard for key surfaces within the built environment. The diversity of application allows for almost every surface in a building to be antimicrobial, so in terms of use the product application potential is limitless. Our existing portfolio ranges from plastic trumpets and baby teethers to waste-water pipes and construction materials such as sealants or resin flooring.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology in Mental Health Facility Design

Designing environments for mental health facilities requires a specific diligence to focus on creating spaces that are safe, reliable, and low maintenance. This week, BioCote® had the pleasure of attending the Design in Mental Health event, where we connected with our partners who are leading the way in innovative design solutions for these environments.