Elevating Hygiene Standards with John Lord Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

Elevating Hygiene Standards with John Lord Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

3.5 min readPublished On: May 23rd, 2024By
3.5 min readPublished On: May 23rd, 2024By
John Lord Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

Antimicrobial properties in flooring can make a significant impact in sectors where hygiene is a top priority. John Lord antimicrobial flooring solutions are revolutionising the way industries address hygiene standards. By combining expertise with innovation, they offer specialised flooring that contributes significantly to cleaner, more manageable process.

John Lord Flooring Solutions

John Lord is known for delivering high-quality, bespoke flooring solutions tailored to the demands of both industrial and commercial settings. Whether the need is for anti-slip, chemical-resistant, decorative, or especially hygienic flooring, John Lord provides an all-encompassing solution. Their consultant approach helps them understand the client needs, followed by an expert installation of robust and adaptable flooring solutions. In partnership with BioCote®, John Lord has developed a superior range of antimicrobial resin flooring that ensures safety and durability across various environments.

John Lord’s antimicrobial flooring incorporates BioCote® technology during the manufacturing process, ensuring the antimicrobial agents are evenly dispersed throughout the resin. This integration provides a continuous reduction in microbes by up to 99.99%. Unlike regular flooring, this innovative approach enhances the product lifespan, reduces maintenance needs, and ensures the aesthetics remain appealing without frequent and costly replacements.

What is Antimicrobial Flooring?

Antimicrobial flooring goes beyond traditional flooring options by incorporating materials that actively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mould, and fungi. The primary goal of antimicrobial flooring is to contribute to a more hygienic environment, particularly for high-traffic areas like hospitals, schools, commercial kitchens, and fitness centres as it is crafted to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a constant reduction in microbes.

Benefits of BioCote® Technology in John Lord Antimicrobial Flooring

With BioCote® technology, John Lord antimicrobial flooring solutions offer unmatched hygiene benefits:

  • Effective microbe reduction: Destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and mould, complimenting the hygiene of the environment.
  • Minimised cross-contamination reduces the chance of microbes transferring from one surface to another, crucial in high-standard industries like food processing and healthcare.
  • Enhanced durability and cleanliness: helps prevent staining and odours that can degrade
  • Extended lifespan: Designed to withstand demanding environments, John Lord flooring remains robust and effective for longer, providing lasting value and performance.

The integration of BioCote® technology provides several benefits. It ensures durability by disrupting the vital pathways of microorganisms, inhibiting their reproduction and ability to thrive on treated surfaces, extending the lifespan of the flooring and maintaining a cleaner environment. Additionally, BioCote® technology reduces the growth of microorganisms that cause staining and unpleasant odours, ensuring a consistently maintained appearance.

John Lord’s Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

John Lord’s antimicrobial flooring solutions provide exceptional benefits and advanced features. By actively inhibiting microbial growth and reducing cross-contamination, their flooring acts as a robust defence. John Lord products are carefully designed to meet diverse needs and seamlessly integrate into any space. Implemented in various spaces like hospitals, food processing areas, schools, gyms, and commercial buildings – their flooring consistently contributes to hygiene standards.

At the core of John Lord’s antimicrobial flooring lies BioCote® technology, backed by solid scientific principles. This innovative technology integrates antimicrobial compounds into the flooring materials, delivering product protection against microbial growth. It ensures long-lasting durability by actively halting the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. By disrupting the microorganisms’ essential pathways, BioCote® inhibits their reproduction and impairs their ability to thrive on treated surfaces. As a result, the flooring’s lifespan is extended, creating an environment that remains consistently fresher for longer.

John Lord’s Expert Insights

As industry leaders, John Lord is committed to addressing common concerns and staying ahead of the curve to provide the best solutions, which have been successfully implemented in numerous food processing and preparation areas. From busy food factories to dairy plants and breweries, their flooring consistently proves its effectiveness in maintaining impeccable hygiene standards and minimising cross contamination. With John Lord, food and drink manufacturers can establish reliable foundations for creating hygienic environments that uphold the highest cleanliness standards, offering peace of mind to those striving for excellent hygiene levels.

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