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The current pandemic has made us all more aware of the importance of good hygiene. This includes robust hand hygiene, but it also involves keeping common touchpoints and surfaces hygienically clean. With all of us spending more time in our homes during lockdown, we took a closer look at the hygiene hotspots in our homes and how to keep those surfaces free from pathogenic microbes.

More than meets the eye

Looking clean doesn’t always mean clean. There are a number of potentially harmful microbes that hide in our furniture and on the surfaces in our homes, such as Campylobacter, Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus). Our testing partner, BioLabTests, recently examined in their previous blog the microbial hotspots commonly found within the home.

We can reduce the presence of these microbes with regular cleaning and washing. However, microbes have the nasty habit of repopulating on those surfaces shortly after cleaning. To support regular cleaning practices and create the ultimate hygiene solution, antimicrobial technology integrated into surfaces can deliver a multitude of benefits. BioCote® antimicrobial protection reduces microbial growth by up to 99.99% within 2 hours, complimenting your cleaning activities with a second line of protection against microbes that help surfaces remain hygienically clean for longer.

Keep it clean in your home office

For the last few months, many of us have been working from home either in our dedicated home office or a space that acts as an office, such as the kitchen table. Now that we spend an extensive amount of time at home, it is more important than ever to ensure that our workspaces are hygienically clean.

In 2018, Krista Krumina published an infographic with Desk Time, that shows how unhygienic office spaces can be. Whilst this is based on a communal office, many of us bring our working behaviours with us when we work from home. The infographic highlights that the average workspace desk is up to 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with the average keyboard harboring 3,295 microbes per square inch and the average computer mouse 1,676 microbes per square inch. These alarming figures are less surprising when you consider that 2 out of 3 people also eat at their desk.

Giving your home workspace a weekly clean is an important step for improving hygiene; wiping down your desk, computer screen, keyboard and mouse. Offering additional hygiene benefits, BioCote® has teamed up with a number of partner companies that deliver cutting-edge antimicrobial solutions, such as antimicrobial keyboards and mice from Posturite, antimicrobial whiteboards from Bi-Silque and antimicrobial furniture from ISKU. Learn more in our office case study.

What’s lurking in your carpets

In February 2020, Ideal Home Magazine Digital Writer, Rebecca Knight, summarised a study from SCS highlighting that our bedroom carpets are the dirtiest carpets in our home. It was found that bedroom carpets can harbour 140 colony forming units (CFU) per cm2 on average, whereas a toilet seat in comparison only had 12.4 CFUs per cm2 on average.

Our carpets become this dirty when we forget to deep clean carpets in our rooms, Bella Middleton, founder of Norfolk Natural Living says: “Psychologically, we are all more aware of the need to give our toilets a good clean. Despite the amount of dirt and detritus that gets trampled through our carpets on a daily basis.”

Remembering to deep clean carpets is an effective way of ensuring that your carpets stay hygienically clean by preventing the continuous build-up of debris and detritus that makes our carpets so dirty. BioCote® antimicrobial additives can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into fibres during the carpet manufacturing stage, working 24/7 to reduce the presence of microbes. Learn more about how to keep your carpets hygienically clean in our blog.

Rest your head on a clean pillow

We all like to be able to rest and get comfy in our bed, however the thought of microbes in our bed is not particularly comforting. A blog by certified sleep coach, Mckenzie Hyde, shows the hidden guests we share our beds with and how they grow on pillowcases, bed sheets and mattresses over time.

Did you know that after 2 weeks of use, pillowcases can harbour up to 5.98 million CFUs (colony forming units) per square inch? That is 332 times the number of CFUs on a tap handle. In addition to this, bedsheets can harbour up to 5.73 million CFUs per square inch, that is 302 times the number of CFUs on a pet toy. These results become even more alarming when we consider the fact that over 41% of bacteria found are Gram-negative, many of which can in fact cause harm to people.

To improve hygiene for bedding, we recommend washing your bedding once a week or more if you have children and pets. To provide ultimate hygiene protection between washes, BioCote® offers textile additives that can be applied to textiles via a range of methods including spraying, padding and exhaustion. This makes it a versatile and efficient antimicrobial fabric treatment for a wide range of applications. Learn more about treating textiles here.

Make your product antimicrobial

BioCote® premium additives can be integrated into a wide range of materials, including polymers, silicones, powder coatings, liquid paints, ceramics and textiles. BioCote® additives have been shown to reduce microbes such as bacteria by up to 99.99%, deactivate influenza A subtype H1N1 and even reduce a strain of the coronavirus family by 90% in 2 hours on protected surfaces. Being HACCP International certified, BioCote® technology is approved safe for food contact products. Find out more about how BioCote® antimicrobial technology works.

BioCote® antimicrobial technology is used across a variety of materials and product applications and trusted by leading brands globally, such as AkzoNobel, Deb, Waterlogic, Air Products and many more.

To find out more about our range of premium additives, or if you are interested in protecting your own products with proven BioCote® antimicrobial technology, use our quick and easy to use Additive Wizard, or get in touch with a member of the team on +44 (0)2477 712 489. Alternatively, you can use our FAQ’s page for immediate questions or complete the below contact form.

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