What Is HACCP International?

Benefit From The World's Only HACCP Certified Antimicrobial Technology

HACCP International is a leading food science organisation specialising in the HACCP food safety methodology and its application within food and related industries. HACCP International operates a world-renowned product certification scheme – certification of food safe equipment, materials and services – confirming a product’s suitability for use within food businesses that operate to the world’s highest standards.


The HACCP International certification and endorsement process supports organisations who have achieved food safety excellence in non-food products, materials, consumables and/or services. The certification is of great benefit to companies that supply products and services to the food & catering sector, where food-safety compliance is a necessity.

BioCote’s unique HACCP certification signifies the independent assessment and verification of our stringent quality control procedures – all of which have been rigorously evaluated by HACCP International’s experienced food technologists. By meeting the ten key criteria stipulated by HACCP, BioCote’s proven antimicrobial technology has been formally verified as ‘fit for purpose’ and safe for manufacture into food contact surfaces.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology demonstrates
conformance in all of the following facets:

1. Materials and specifications

2. Toxicity

3. Contamination risks

4. Ease of cleaning

5. Operating instructions

6. Consequences of error

7. Batch and process controls

8. Claims

9. Packaging and labelling

10. Contribution to food safety

The BioCote silver ion antimicrobial system was, following an extensive period of evaluation in 2012, awarded the HACCP International Certification Mark. This mark serves as confirmation as to a non-food product’s ability to support the integrity and safety of food, as demanded by industry expectations, legislation and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) benchmarked standards. It is issued by an accredited, renowned and independent 3rd part industry certification body.  The product specification, process control, quality control, product validation, customer product awareness and customer contractual arrangements in place all serve to ensure the consistency and robustness of the product, and permit it to meet its stated claim of anti-microbial protection of the products and materials to which it is applied.”


Richard Mallett, Director
HACCP International EMEA

BioCote® is the only antimicrobial technology in the world to be HACCP certified, and our continued commitment to quality control means we are part of a vast network of successful organisations who all carry a range of products endorsed by HACCP International. These include Kimberly-Clark Professional, 3M, BASF, Testo and BioCote’s valued partner, Deb Group.

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