Antimicrobial Protection for Maritime Transport


Antimicrobial technology to prevent bacterial stowaways

With diverse travel experiences both onboard and on land from several destinations, travelling the world on a cruise liner has become very popular even with Generation Z and visual travel diaries have started to fill Instagram feeds. In 2018, nearly 30 million passengers cruised the world and more than 200 cruise ships were in operation.1

Despite stringent cleaning protocols on most ships, frequently used communal areas onboard carry a higher likelihood of microbial cross-contamination from surface to surface – having caused cruise ships to gain a reputation for being incubators of microbes.

During their journey, passengers involuntarily pick up microbes on land and bring them on board. Whilst going about enjoying their holiday, regular and robust hand hygiene might not be top of mind, so the microbes we pick up on dry land will be transferred onto common touch areas on board, such as grab rails, seating as well as leisure and childcare facilities.

Apart from posing a risk of poor hygiene levels, the microbial build-up on surfaces can also cause terrible odours, irremovable staining and premature material degradation of products, which can lead to mechanical or structural weaknesses causing early product failure.


Treatable materials and products

Working directly with component manufacturers on behalf of cruise ship operators, BioCote® antimicrobial additives are integrated into a wide range of products during manufacturing. The antimicrobial technology seamlessly becomes part of the product without changing its look and performance. The supply chain is adjusted to include BioCote® as the supplier of the antimicrobial additive to the relevant component supplier, who are operating under the specifications of the cruise ship operator.

Being HACCP International certified, BioCote® technology is approved safe for food contact products. Find out more about how BioCote® antimicrobial technology works.

Virtually any material can be treated simply by introducing the right additive during its manufacturing process, from polymers over coatings and paints to textiles. We work with you to identify the right additive that works for your product. Learn more about the additive specification process.

Treatable Interior Touchpoints

BioCote® protection can be integrated into key areas and products on cruise liners:

  • Grab bars & handles
  • Seating textiles
  • Controls & switches
  • Interior panels
  • Flooring
  • On-board kitchen areas and equipment

Treatable System Components

BioCote® additives can deliver ultimate protection to key system points in cruise ships to prevent the build-up of biofilm which can cause product failure:

  • HEPA filters | HVAC
  • Water delivery and waste-water pipes

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