Antimicrobial Protection for Aviation


Improving hygiene and protecting surfaces in aircraft cabins

It is no secret that a crowd in a confined space makes for an excellent microbial breeding ground, and airplanes are no exception. When boarding a plane, not only passengers but also a wide range of microbes enter the cabin environment. This is where antimicrobial technology can make a real difference by reducing the build-up on a wide range of surfaces in between cleans.

Before entering an aircraft, passengers pass through busy airports, touching everything from security trays, handrails to card machines. This presents ample of opportunities for bacteria to be transferred from one surface to another. Find out more how microbes travel via surfaces.

Within the aircraft itself, microbes can transfer via multiple surfaces, such as seats, armrest, table trays and window shades, and also spread through the air via droplets. Whilst modern planes now recycle up to 50% of cabin air and use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)/True HEPA filtrations systems that remove 99.97% bacteria from the aircraft cabin environment, bacteria can thrive throughout the cabin via common touchpoint areas. Studies have highlighted that tray tables are amongst the dirtiest places on a plane, harbouring more bacteria than the toilet flush button. More about bacteria hotspots in aircrafts.

Treatable materials and products

BioCote® can deliver antimicrobial protection for the airport environment and the cabin interior. Working directly with component manufacturers in the aviation sector, BioCote® antimicrobial additives are integrated into a wide range of products during manufacturing to become part of the product without changing its look and feel. The supply chain is adjusted to include BioCote® as the supplier of the antimicrobial additives to the relevant component supplier, who are operating under the specifications of the OEMs.

Being HACCP International certified, BioCote® technology is approved safe for food contact products. Find out more about how BioCote® antimicrobial technology works.

Virtually any material can be treated simply by introducing the right additive during its manufacturing process, from polymers over coatings and paints to textiles. We work with you to identify the right additive that works for your product. Learn more about the additive specification process.

Treatable Interior Touchpoints

BioCote® protection can be integrated into key areas and products for airport and aircraft interiors:

  • Airport security check point trays
  • Fold-down table trays
  • Window shades
  • Seating, textiles/leather
  • Armrests
  • Galley trays and storage units
  • Overhead compartment components
  • Flooring
  • Rest room areas

Treatable System Components

BioCote® additives can deliver ultimate protection to key system points in aircrafts to prevent the build-up of biofilm which can cause product failure or microbes that could cause bad odours:

  • HEPA filters | HVAC
  • Water delivery and waste-water pipes
  • Oxygen Delivery Systems

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