Antimicrobial Products for Home & Leisure


Antimicrobial Products For Home and Leisure

Frequently touched and forgotten-to-clean items both in the home and in leisure environments present the risk of bacterial cross-contamination. Mould growth on products in the home and in built environments can also be extremely unsightly and impact on air quality.

As the importance of hygiene is increasingly gaining awareness, it has become expected that environments such as gyms, hotels and shopping centres take responsibility for maintaining high standards of cleanliness. That’s why BioCote® is being incorporated into these environments.

BioCote’s antimicrobial products for home and leisure benefit from integral protection against microbes. The inbuilt antimicrobial technology is effective against bacteria and mould by up to 99.99%, offering the genuine benefit of a cleaner, more hygienic surface for the lifetime of the product, as well as increased peace of mind.

BioCote® antimicrobial products for home & leisure are recognised around the world as delivering effective and lasting antimicrobial protection. Manufacturers understand that the BioCote® logo it is the easiest way to convey the performance of a product containing antimicrobial additives.

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