Antimicrobial Additives for Food Industry Environments

Antimicrobial Additives for Food Industry Environments

BioCote® antimicrobial additives for food protected products serve to complement the stringent hygiene principles that are required in the food and catering sector. Download our case study to get more technical insights on the impact of BioCote® antimicrobial technology in food production facilities.

BioCote® antimicrobial additives for food industry environments help businesses reduce the potential of cross-contamination of microbes responsible for material degradation throughout the supply chain. Contamination from bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobacter and Salmonella at any stage of the supply chain can have devastating effects to businesses. Any method proven to reduce bacteria is therefore favourable.

Proven Efficacy and Key Benefits

BioCote® antimicrobial technology is proven effective against the many bacteria that often hit news headlines such as the aforementioned Salmonella or Campylobacter. BioCote® is also the first and only antimicrobial technology in the world to be HACCP International certified, meaning it has been approved for direct use in food-contact items.

  • Enhanced Hygiene
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Reduced Cross-Contamination Risks
  • Diverse Applications

BioCote® Antimicrobial Products for Food and Catering

BioCote® antimicrobial products for food and catering extend beyond conventional applications, encompassing a diverse range of items such as reusable bottles, lunch bags, and temperature measurement devices. These products seamlessly blend functionality with advanced antimicrobial protection, catering to the multifaceted needs of the modern food industry.

Food Production Case Study

Media coverage of numerous high-profile cross-contamination cases within the healthcare sector has been extensive in recent years. Whilst this has highlighted a serious problem, it has diverted our attention from other areas with high contamination potential. With the demand growing exponentially in the food industry worldwide, it becomes more difficult to uphold the stringent hygiene standards that are essential within the food and beverage industry. Our real-life case study reveals how BioCote® antimicrobial technology reduces bacterial contamination within a food processing environment, contributing to enhanced hygiene and regulatory compliance.