Joining the BioCote® Marketing Team: Maria Simeonova

Joining the BioCote® Marketing Team: Maria Simeonova

2 min readPublished On: November 4th, 2021By
2 min readPublished On: November 4th, 2021By
Maria Simeonova

Digital Marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle, and if you are missing a piece, you could potentially fail to see the whole picture. I am here to find the missing pieces.

– Maria Simeonova

With a record-breaking financial year behind us, BioCote® continues to grow as a business and adds further skills to an already diverse and experienced workforce. Today, we are very excited to welcome a new full-time member to our Marketing Team!

With an extensive freelance background, Maria Simeonova joins BioCote® as a Digital Marketing Executive. Maria is originally from Bulgaria and relocated to the UK for her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Coventry University. She has since completed a digital marketing apprenticeship in London to hone her digital skills and has worked as a freelance marketing consultant for a digital marketing agency.

Having helped a multitude of clients in the past, Maria brings a wealth of strategic knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. We have exciting digital projects in the pipeline that Maria will be project managing together with other internal and external team members, delivering added value to clients and partners alike.

To get to know Maria better, we asked her to share some interesting facts about her – thanks Maria!

“After I graduated from Coventry University, I took the time to thoroughly research different disciplines within the field of marketing. I decided to go for an apprenticeship that was extremely helpful in narrowing down the different marketing niches to find the one I most enjoyed, which is digital marketing. After I learned all about social media, WordPress, SEO, e-mail campaigns, and how to implement different ideas in the digital world, I decided to work towards the bigger picture by putting my new knowledge into practice. One of my proudest moments was, when I proposed a strategy to a local SME, and they loved it. An even prouder moment was, to see the strategy come to life and for it to be successful!

Working at BioCote® is an exciting new challenge that allows me to be a part of a wonderful team that is open to new ideas and that strives to be better every day. I am here to help, grow and team up with various departments to create a strategy that will not only help BioCote® as a business, but our clients and partners too.”

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