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Here at BioCote®, we consider our customers to be the heart and soul of our business. It is not only our antimicrobial technology that is built-in and life-long, but also our appreciation for our partners and customers who have shaped our brand into what it is today.

During our 26 years as an antimicrobial additive supplier, BioCote® has built our reputation as “the brand you can trust”, as is evidenced by our partnerships with both leading brand owners as well as growing consumer brands. We have managed to build this reputation not only by offering premium-quality additives, expert advice and professional service, but also through making sure we are always putting our customers at the very front and centre of what we do as a company.

Offering an immersive partnership

We whole heartedly believe that customer experience should not be an afterthought or an accidental result of the customer service we provide. Instead, our culture is that our customer’s satisfaction should be the focal point, and our team will work around our customers to prioritise their needs. Considering the entire customer journey, we operate under the assumption that we have the potential to impact the overall customer experience with each decision we make.

From marketing, product integration, efficacy testing, biocidal regulations advice, and technical support, BioCote® step up to offer an immersive partnership that sets us apart from our competitors. We are ready to work closely with our customer’s team and contribute towards making their antimicrobial product launch a huge success. Even after our customers’ products have gone to market, we are on hand whenever they may need assistance. This is because we aspire to forge long-term relationships with our customers, so as to unlock the true potential of customer value for both your business and ours. Most importantly, we believe in our customers and the innovative products they are creating.

Unlocking the true potential of each product application

Forging strong business relationships and creating innovative antimicrobial product applications is of the utmost importance to us. We enter our partnerships with a focus on collaborative transformation, aspiring to make a real tangible difference in the end-result. As our technology is an added component of a client product, our team ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the product from the very beginning of our journey with our customer. This ensures that we are incorporating our BioCote® technology and branding in the most effective and seamless way.

Whether customers want to grow existing market share, enter new territories or provide added value to their new or existing product range, both our effective technology and well-regarded brand will provide a means of really setting those products apart from their competition and letting them stand out in the market.

Keeping the finger on the pulse

Recently, BioCote® sent out a customer satisfaction survey to evaluate how satisfied our customers are with the products and services we provide as a company. We wanted to understand what more we can do to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, and to find out how we can improve our service delivery going forward.

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey; your feedback is of the utmost importance to us as it is vital to our development. We want to ensure that our customers feel prioritised by us, and that they are receiving the support that we know they deserve.

Our team would like to give a big shout out to Ponte Giulio in particular, who took part in the survey and were the winners of this years’ survey prize draw for a new generation Echo Dot smart speaker. Many congratulations!

Marco Frescucci, Head of Production at Ponte Giulio

Marco Frescucci, Head of Production at Ponte Giulio

Ponte Giulio have been a valued BioCote® partner for many years, and we are extremely grateful for their continued support of our brand and for remaining a part of the BioCote® family throughout this time. We are excited to see what the future holds for our partnership and the production innovation it will no doubt drive.

Ponte Giulio on the partnership with BioCote®: “Biocote® is the best partner for us: we are both involved in searching for new solutions to reach the highest level of hygiene. Thanks to our collaboration, Ponte Giulio have achieved our goal of making the bathroom a more hygienic environment.”

Once again, thank you to everyone who completed our annual survey, and ultimately a big thank you to everyone who has helped us build our reputation as the antimicrobial brand choice.

How we can support you

We continue to support our customers in bringing better products worldwide, working hard to educate the market about the benefits of using antimicrobial technologies. If you would like to learn more about our antimicrobial technology or if you are looking to make your products antimicrobial, please contact a member of the BioCote® team today on +44 (0)2477 712489 or contact us via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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