Building an antimicrobial environment
What, why and how?


Free Seminars for Architects

BioCote® is offering free informative seminars for Architects and other professionals in the construction sector. The seminars describe the problematic issues of microbial contamination in buildings and a technological response – making the building antimicrobial.

It’s not often the words ‘infectious disease’ and ‘built environment’ occur in the same sentence, yet there is a connection between the built environment and disease-causing microbes.

Our seminar begins by describing how microbes contaminate buildings because of the presence and activity of people. In fact, a learning outcome is to gain an understanding of how the built environment facilitates the spread of microbes to people because the factors necessary for the presence and dissemination of microbes are common to buildings.

If these building-related factors contribute to the problem, the seminar introduces antimicrobial technology as a contributor to a solution. But what is antimicrobial technology and how is it applied to buildings? How long does it last for and what are the benefits?

This seminar addresses these issues, and more, in an easy to understand, temperate and interesting manner.


The specific learning outcomes are:

  • An understanding of what microbial contamination is and how the built environment contributes to the spread of disease
  • An understanding of what antimicrobial technology is and how it works against microbes
  • An understanding of why and how antimicrobial technology is applied to buildings and its practical and economic characteristics that allow it to be considered by architects
  • An introduction to the relevant regulations governing the use of antimicrobials in buildings
  • An understanding of the benefits to the building itself of antimicrobial technology and the people in it
  • An understanding of the simplicity of making a building antimicrobial

In addition, members of the audience are offered the ability to test their own offices or premises for microbial contamination as a supplement to the learning outcomes.

This seminar is scheduled to run for no more than 45 minutes with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any points of interest.

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