Evolving EU Biocidal Products Regulation: Updates on Silver Zinc Zeolite

By |April 15th, 2024|Antimicrobial Technology, Business Updates|

At the recent 50th Biocidal Products Committee (BPC-50) meeting held in February 2024, Silver Zinc Zeolite received positive support for approval as an active substance under multiple Product-types (PTs), including disinfectants (PT2), film preservatives (PT7), and fibre, leather, rubber, and polymerised materials preservatives (PT9. This endorsement signifies a crucial step towards regulatory acceptance.

98% of all antimicrobial additives always ex-stock at BioCote® HQ warehouse

By |January 28th, 2022|Business Updates, Partner News|

BioCote®, the market leading supplier of premium-quality antimicrobial additives, has managed to weather the storm during the pandemic by increasing their production capacity, anticipating forward demand, while also increasing the business’ headcount.