School classrooms present many factors which increase the likelihood of microbial cross-contamination. Cleaning regimes that may focus on isolated areas only means that surfaces within this environment are frequently exposed to a range of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi. Improving hygiene in these environments is, therefore, of utmost importance in order to reduce the probability and consequences of microbial cross-contamination.

In conjunction with our partners, BioCote® created the world’s first antimicrobial classroom. The study investigated the levels of bacteria recovered from the antimicrobial classroom and compared them against a standard classroom.

The two classrooms were chosen due to their similarities, such as location or demographics. One was completely refurbished with BioCote® protected products – from light switches and door handles to tables and chairs. The other classroom served as the control environment, using only standard yet comparable products. Bacterial levels were monitored across both classrooms over the period of an academic year.

The antimicrobial classroom saw a 96% reduction in bacteria when compared to the regular classroom, with all antimicrobial products harbouring significantly less bacteria than their standard counterparts.

This study demonstrates that the presence of BioCote® antimicrobial technology can significantly reduce the levels of bacteria on product surfaces, and so highlights a school as an ideal environment for the application of antimicrobial technology.

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