Nursing Home Case Study



The role of nursing homes has expanded in recent years as a result of a growing elderly population, a consequential rise in chronic geriatric conditions and a shift of care delivery from acute to residential settings.

In order to better understand the impact antimicrobial products can have on the presence of bacteria such as MRSA or E. coli, BioCote® facilitated a field study in a nursing home.

During refurbishment of a nursing home in Leicester, one residence, comprising of a bedroom and bathroom was refitted with a range of BioCote® treated antimicrobial products (Unit A) and another with untreated, comparable products, to serve as the control (Unit B). Both units were occupied by single residents for a period of five months and were cleaned by nursing home staff on a daily basis.

Throughout the study, all of the BioCote® protected products showed a significant reduction in bacteria when compared to their standard counterparts – with an overall average of 95% less bacteria in the BioCote® treated environment than in the untreated one.

This study indicates that the use of antimicrobial products can significantly reduce the levels of bacteria in an environment. Our findings also demonstrate that BioCote® antimicrobial technology can minimise the probability of cross-contamination – results showed that even untreated items in the antimicrobial environment harboured fewer bacteria.

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