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Some struggle to pronounce it, others simply aren’t aware that you can use it to make almost any product or surface resistant to the growth of microbes. So just what is an antimicrobial additive? What material types can it be incorporated into? And more importantly, what are the benefits?

Let the world leaders in this anti-germ, pro-hygiene technology explain.


What is an antimicrobial additive and how is it incorporated into a product?

Pronunciation: [an-tee-mahy-kroh-bee-uh l] Medicine/Medical, Pharmacology

An antimicrobial is defined as something that can resist, inhibit and prevent the growth of microbes including bacteria and mould.

BioCote® has harnessed the properties of antimicrobial materials, otherwise known as ‘active ingredients’, and formulated them into a range of antimicrobial additives. Introduced into a surface during the manufacturing process, an additive will encompass a specific antimicrobial active, such as silver, and can be formulated into a concentrated powder, liquid suspension or masterbatch pellet depending on the target material and manufacturing process. Once infused into a product, an antimicrobial additive will work continuously to make a product more hygienic, minimising the potential for cross-contamination and extending a product’s functional lifetime.

How many types of antimicrobial additive technologies are there?

Antimicrobial additives supplied by BioCote® commonly utilise one of three key actives: silver, zinc or copper. Silver is the most widely used technology in the world largely due to its historic success as an antimicrobial, its broad spectrum performance and its suitability for deployment in a broad range of materials and applications. BioCote® also offers a range of organic technologies that encompasses phenolic biocides, quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC or QUAT) and fungicides. We formulate each antimicrobial additive to suit the specific requirements of a product innovator, manufacturer or end user and we are constantly working to develop new formulations that cater for the ever-growing demand for trusted antimicrobial technology.

What materials can an antimicrobial additive be manufactured into?

Antimicrobial additives can be manufactured into a wide range of materials including plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, paper, ceramics and rubber- take a look at our broad range of partners to see just how many companies from a plethora of different sectors are utilising the technology. BioCote® has an appropriate formulation for every material type and can accommodate your antimicrobial requirements to suit the designated market territories and desired end use of your product.

What are the benefits of incorporating an antimicrobial additive into a product or surface?

Antimicrobial additives enhance the performance of a surface by permanently reducing the negative effects of microbes. This enables manufacturers to offer products that are cleaner and more hygienic to use, giving them an instant competitive advantage.

By choosing to partner with BioCote®, manufacturers can communicate the superior antimicrobial properties of their product clearly and concisely. Our proven antimicrobial protection differentiates their product range from those of competitors; leading to an increase in sales and the penetration of new market sectors. Research has also shown that the BioCote® brand is recognised as a sign of quality, credibility and experience around the world, making purchasing decisions quicker and securing our customers a tangible return on investment.

And manufacturers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from products containing antimicrobial additives…

As the world becomes increasingly more hygiene-conscious, research has shown that 9 out of 10 consumers are now searching for products containing a proven and trusted antimicrobial technology. BioCote® antimicrobial additives work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%, reassuring end-users that their product is permanently protected and therefore less likely to harbour illness-causing bacteria. The technology’s ability to minimise microbial colonisation also reduces the potential for staining and unpleasant odours, meaning a protected product will stay fresher for longer and have an increased functional life cycle- offering a significant cost benefit to the consumer. BioCote® silver ion antimicrobial additives will also never wear off or leech from the surface they are manufactured into, making them safe for use in a variety of products such as baby toys, kitchen appliances and bathroom accessories.

Why is BioCote® regarded as the leading antimicrobial additive supplier in the world?

For over 20 years, BioCote® has been heralded as the antimicrobial additive supplier of choice by leading brands around the world. This success is built on our unrivalled knowledge of the science of antimicrobial technology, and our ability to apply it to an endless array of real-world customer needs. BioCote’s experienced team of qualified Microbiologists and Materials Chemists undertake careful validation and quality control testing, ensuring we only supply premium antimicrobial additives that meet our self-imposed standards of antimicrobial performance. This commitment to quality is why we are also the only antimicrobial technology in the world to be HACCP certified as food-safe and suitable for addition to food contact products.

Bottom line is, we are so much more than just an antimicrobial technology supplier. A partnership with BioCote® translates into a complete support package that goes far beyond antimicrobial additive recommendations. We provide use of our trademark, offer valuable insight into the technology, and teach companies how to market their antimicrobial feature. We also help organisations to understand the global legislation that governs their antimicrobial product, removing the stress of trying to decipher the extensive European and/ or North American legislation.

Intrigued to know more?

If you have a question about BioCote® technology or would like to find out more about which antimicrobial additive would be most appropriate for your product range, contact a member of the BioCote® team today on +44 (0) 2477 712 489 or message us.

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