It may come as no surprise to you that bacteria exist everywhere. However, thanks to our super-talented Technical Team, we recently conducted a study which revealed the sheer number of microbes surviving on an array of random objects. And in true BioCote style, our findings really will make you go ewww.

1 – water bottle

We generally attend the gym to improve our physical condition, but failing to effectively clean out your water bottle post-workout could lead to you ingesting the potentially harmful bacteria which swarm its surface. #fitfail

2 – computer keyboard

Whilst touch screens may be the future, keyboards remain an everyday office essential; so it’s unsurprising to us that their microbial activity is high. In a bid to tackle this issue, Posturite, one of BioCote’s valued partners, offer antimicrobial keyboards which are permanently effective against bacteria and mould. No, that wasn’t a typo.

3 – festival wristband

Crowds of sweaty people who haven’t washed in three days; it’s no wonder festival wristbands are a microbial haven. Poor hygiene conditions generally mean that good memories might not be the only things you take home with you (post neon rave).

4 – socks

Ever heard of the phrase ‘if you like cheese, you’ll love these’? That distinctive smell so often emanating from a pair of socks is the result of bacteria infesting the material and spreading like wildfire. BioCote technology can be manufactured into fabrics to prevent odour, staining and material degradation. It’s true, we could be your ‘sole’ mate.

5 – pet products

Our pets and their toys are host to an array of bacteria, which can include the deadly MRSA. BioCote is proud to partner with Rosewood whose vast product range includes antimicrobial BioSafe dog toys, which are more hygienic to use for both pets and families. Constructed out of tough yet soft plastic, the toy massages dog gums to reduce plaque and tartar build up, has a zesty fruit scent and even floats, too! Now we think that deserves a round of ‘appaws’.

6 – car interior

Lovely runner, full service history, 1 careful owner, plenty of bacteria. With only 1 in 4 of us cleaning our car once every 3 months, the increasing amount of time we spend behind the wheel and the variety of activities we undertake whilst we are there (i.e. eating & drinking) it is no surprise to BioCote that bacterial colonies, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, were recently uncovered in the cockpit of a trusty motor. If left unaddressed, that could become a bumper of a problem.

7 – make-up brushes

It’s a utensil most ladies can’t live without, but we were astounded at how many people admit to cleaning their make-up brushes less than once a month! After sending a selection of foundation and powder brushes to our laboratory for testing, the technical team observed heavy contamination by Staphylococcus aureus. Alarmingly, this bacteria is capable of causing a variety of skin associated diseases, such as boils and cellulitis. The organism is also a common cause of food poisoning and, in more serious cases, invasive infections such endocarditis, bacteraemia and pneumonia. The moral of this story? If you want to gleam, keep ‘em clean!

8 – coffee machine

Milky latte with a topping of bacteria, to go. Now’s that’s going to cost-a-lotty, particularly when it comes to your health.

9 – self-service checkout

We all spend longer at these machines than we should, waiting for the scales to recognise that we’ve actually already placed our item into the bagging area! However, next time you fancy cutting the queues and opting for the fast lane, it might be worth considering just how much bacteria you are exposing yourself to.

10 – sponge

Many of us will use sponges to wash-up and clean surfaces in our kitchens and bathrooms. However, as sited in The Guardian, research conducted by the Global Hygiene Council revealed that this domestic staple harbours 19.6 billion bacteria, making it one of the dirtiest items in the average UK household. We’ll let you absorb that fact for a second…

If you’re now feeling as woozy as we did when we conducted this research, give us a call. With over 20 years’ experience, BioCote are experts in antimicrobial technology and we are dedicated to helping create environments that are more hygienic and protected against the negative effects of bacteria and mould.