Not ones for bragging, but BioCote® technology is pretty awesome. Not only is it proven to kill bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli and the H1N1 virus, but it also has an endless array of material applications, including plastics, paints and fabrics. In addition, our team boasts some of the most experienced people in the antimicrobial industry, which has enabled us to amass an impressive list of partners across the globe.

Whilst we may be able to promote our brand until the end of time (and believe us, we could), we always look to the external endorsements of our customers to communicate why BioCote is the greatest antimicrobial solutions provider in the world. Below, we’ve handpicked three of the primary reasons why companies continue to choose us.

Our technology differentiates a customer’s products from those of their competitors

The proof is in the partnership! A recurring theme throughout all of our feedback is that BioCote® technology positively influences key decision makers to choose our customers’ products rather than their competitors. In saturated marketplaces, a product with enhanced functionality will stand out from the crowd.

Our brand generates increased sales revenue and market share for a company

According to Lindsay McKenzie, Managing Director of BioClad Ltd, BioCote has enabled his business to reinvent itself and consequently he has seen an average 97% increase in sales year-on-year since the beginning of our partnership. Yes, you read that statistic correctly. Increases in sales revenue like this also mean dramatic surges in market share, consequently winning business from established companies.

Whether they are globally recognised or a start-up, BioCote elevates a company’s brand image

The general consensus is that BioCote contributes significantly to the value of a brand. Our longstanding partnerships with leading companies such as Dyson, Formica and Kohler Mira mean our customers often reap the benefits simply by their association with an evidently trusted antimicrobial solutions provider.

Are you looking to incorporate antimicrobial technology into your product(s)? Do you want to know more about its applications and how our additives work? Maybe you want to understand the benefits of partnering with us? Whatever your question, the team at BioCote is always on hand to support you. Send us a message by visiting the ‘contact us’ page on our website or call us on +44 (0)2477 712 489.