The academic community, particularly the scientific disciplines, is keen to collaborate with industry; such a partnership can be productive on a number of genuinely valuable fronts. For the industrialists, there is the opportunity for research and development of products and technology, including testing and the novel generation of data that describe the performance of commercially available products. Often product testing performed by universities can only be carried out in university laboratories due to the specialist nature of the facilities and materials required.

BioCote has a healthy history of collaboration with university departments for the reasons described here. This is partly due to the career history of BioCote’s Technical Director, Dr. Richard Hastings, who graduated from university research in microbiology to the commercial world of antimicrobial technology. The microbiology community has remained largely intact over the years, so it has been natural for Richard to revisit his former colleagues across various UK universities and propose collaborative projects. A notable example of this type of collaboration between BioCote and a UK university research department occurred recently and produced technical results that have made a real difference to commercial activity.

In brief, manufactured materials incorporating BioCote antimicrobial technology were assessed for their ability to remove a notoriously unpleasant virus from a liquid suspension. The tested materials are designed to reduce the risk of people being exposed to the virus. Of course, virology is a specialist subject performed by experts, so manipulation of virus requires the right people and the right setting. The project was a tremendous success and allowed the treated materials’ antivirus performance to be measured. The UK university working with BioCote has now expanded the relationship by offering post-graduate projects evaluating antiviral properties of BioCote’s technology that has been incorporated into various manufacturing materials.

Such partnerships with various academic institutions across the UK means we have access to some of the greatest scientific insight in the world- often resulting in some truly ground-breaking developments. If you study and/ or work at a university and would be interested in collaborating with BioCote on a specific research project, please contact Richard Hastings on +44 (0)2477 712 489.