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BioCote® is pleased to announce that Gainsborough Specialist Bathing has formally launched their range of antimicrobial baths.

With over 25 years of specialist knowledge focusing on accessible bathing needs, Gainsborough is Europe’s leading choice for the design, installation and after-sales support of assistive and height adjustable baths for a range of care settings. They strive to deliver the optimum solution for all care providers, building specifiers and end users.

Manufactured in their very own UK-based factory, Gainsborough’s baths for care homes are built with precision, high quality components and materials to ensure they deliver the highest levels of safety, dignity and comfort for both the user and carer alike. Ergonomics and the reduction of moving and handling risks are considered in every aspect of product design and their range of care home baths is the largest collection available in Europe.

By introducing BioCote® into their Gentona range, Gainsborough has delivered new standards of hygiene to the bathing sector. The proven antimicrobial technology works around-the-clock to reduce the presence of harmful microbes on the bath’s surface by up to 99.99%, and it actively prevents the formation of biofilms, which can cause surfaces to become slip hazardous, therefore making Gainsborough baths safer overall for users. BioCote® also increases the longevity of Gainsborough products by protecting them from material degradation and staining often caused by microbes.

Guy Charteris, Partner Development Manager at BioCote®, commented: “Gainsborough Bathing is a company who lead their market and are recognised for product innovation and quality, so this makes them an ideal partner for BioCote to work with. Whilst very different, our respective products are all about enhancing people’s quality of life and product experience.”

He continued: “Assistive bathing products that safeguard care provision and greatly reduce the potential for microbes to negatively impact this in anyway can only raise the bar yet further. Not only will the inclusion of BioCote® Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology enhance the bathing experience, by means of superior hygiene levels it also dramatically reduces the potential for the transmission of microbes between carers and bathers. BioCote® is even proven to render multi drug resistant bacteria such as CRE, CRO, CPE and VRE harmless due to its multi modal action – and Gainsborough Bathing is to be applauded for leading the way and tackling this increasingly problematic care sector issue head on.”

To discover more about how BioCote® is helping Gainsborough to deliver advanced infection control solutions, watch the latest video by clicking on the button below. If you are interested in Gainsborough’s products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the BioCote® team on +44 (0)2477 712 489 or message us directly.

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