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This is an open letter to Jill Collis, or anybody like Jill who is responsible for the health, safety and well-being of public transport users around the world.

There has been a lot of fuss in the media about hygiene levels on public transport recently and BioCote think we can help.

Taxi insurance company, Staveley Head, recently commissioned a study in partnership with the London Metropolitan University that involved swabbing three iconic modes of transport in the United Kingdom’s beloved capital: the London Underground, double decker bus and the black ‘Hackney’ cab.

This study revealed that London’s transport network is crawling with microbes – the kind of nasties that make it smell bad, look unpleasant and could make you seriously ill. Alarmingly, the results of the study identified a total of 121 different types of microbes; nine of which were multi drug resistant strains of bacteria – the kind you might associate with hospitals. All were found living happily on the most common touch points of the various modes of transport such as door handles, grab rails and seats. Terrifying stuff.

When you take a step back to consider that 12.8 million people use London’s transport network every day, it is hardly surprising that there will be some bacteria hanging around. However, there are some types of microbes you just don’t want to be coming into contact with on your daily commute – MRSA and E. coli, for example!

Why is this an issue? A lack of willingness for passengers to grab, touch or hold devices introduced for their comfort and safety on a journey because of hygiene concerns could see increases in accident and injury. Not to mention the threat posed by the increasing prevalence of multi drug resistant strains of bacteria.  Public health officials have revealed the cost of which could surpass $100 trillion by 2050

So how can BioCote help you, Jill Collis, and others like you responsible for maintaining hygiene standards in public transport?

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology is proven effective against multi drug resistant microbes such as MRSA and E. coli on a weekly basis. It can be manufactured into a wide range of materials, including coatings and polymers, which are often used in the creation of common touch points on public transport; helping to protect passengers from the bacteria and mould identified in the study and make the daily commute that much safer. BioCote® works best in conjunction with other hygiene and infection control methods such as regular cleaning and hand washing.

Whether you are Ms. Collis, a manufacturer, or just a member of the general public interested in antimicrobial technology, don’t hesitate to contact BioCote. We are experts in our field and will always utilise our knowledge and experience to assist with your enquiry in the most effective way possible.


Graham Harvey
Managing Director, BioCote Ltd

+44 (0)2477 712 489  I  Contact BioCote

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