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Quality control: from factory to final application

As the world’s leading antimicrobial technology supplier, BioCote® is often asked the question ‘how do I know that BioCote® is active and working once it is manufactured into my product?’

Whilst it is true that you cannot see, smell or touch antimicrobial technology, BioCote® follows stringent quality control procedures to ensure we can demonstrate that our additives are performing how they are supposed to. These unfaltering high-standards are one of the many reasons why BioCote® is the only antimicrobial technology supplier in the world to be accredited by HACCP International – a risk management organisation that operates a world-renowned product certification scheme, confirming a product’s suitability for use within food businesses.

BioCote’s unique HACCP certification was gained following the independent assessment and verification of stringent quality control procedures operated at BioCote® – from the moment additives are produced to the point they are integrated into partner products. By meeting the key criteria stipulated by HACCP, BioCote’s quality control processes and antimicrobial additives have been formally verified as ‘fit for purpose’ and benchmarked as appropriate for use in hygiene critical environments.

By employing the comprehensive quality process detailed below, we are ensuring that the BioCote® Technology contained within your product will work for its expected lifetime – guaranteed.


Stage 1:

Active ingredients are manufactured to BioCote® specification by specialist third party companies. During manufacture checks are made via various methods to ensure compliance with expected standards. They arrive at BioCote® HQ accompanied with a record of this in the form of a Certificate of Authenticity.

Stage 2:

On arrival at BioCote’s UK Headquarters active ingredients are put into quarantine. Before being made available for sale, they are subject to chemical analysis at an external UKAS accredited atomic emission spectroscopy laboratory to ensure active ingredient content meets specifications. Certificates are supplied to authenticate results.

Stage 3:

Where actives require further formulation into masterbatch pellets, liquids or similar, they are supplied to BioCote’s appointed toll mixers within the UK. After processing, and before additives are made available for sale, they are subject to further chemical analysis to quantify active ingredient content is within BioCote® specification.

Stage 4:

Additives are supplied in a form most compatible with the manufacturing process being employed by the manufacturing company. BioCote® additives, in whichever form, are supplied to market with an accompanying Certificate of Conformity. Strict guidance is also provided regarding addition rates and methods to ensure optimum additive integration during production, which will in turn ensure optimum antimicrobial conditions in the final product application.

Stage 5:

Once manufactured BioCote® protected products are returned to BioCote® for analysis at an independent certified laboratoryThis involves measuring antimicrobial performance using the appropriate international test method at a microbiological laboratory, or measuring active ingredient content at an independent, accredited atomic emission spectroscopy laboratory.

Stage 6:

All BioCote® protected products are required to achieve our global standard of antimicrobial performance – this is a contractual requirement of carrying the BioCote® trademark. BioCote® is the only antimicrobial technology supplier in the world to require this condition from their customers. When the product complies, the results are issued to the manufacturer. Certification is then sent to our partner confirming product compliance. If it does not achieve this, steps are taken to rectify any issues and the process is repeated.

Stage 7:

Once a BioCote® customer is in possession of their test data, their BioCote® protected product can be released to market. Any claims about its antimicrobial performance can be confidently verified (a requirement in law) with appropriately gathered data in the form of test certificates.


This quality control process is repeated throughout the life-cycle of a BioCote® protected product – meaning further ongoing and regular testing is conducted on subsequent production batches to ensure the highest standards of antimicrobial quality are achieved. For further information on these processes or on our antimicrobial technology in general, please contact a member of the BioCote® team on +44 (0) 2477 712 489 or message us.

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