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There’s no denying it – taking an antimicrobial product to market can be a challenge. This is why many companies choose to partner with an antimicrobial solutions provider, like BioCote®, to help guide them through product development, biocidal regulations and introducing their new product to market.

With this in mind, choosing the right antimicrobial solutions provider to partner with is an important decision; it can be the difference between success and failure.  So what is it that makes BioCote® the antimicrobial supplier of choice to so many companies around the world?

Firstly, we do what we say.  BioCote® are committed to delivering the best antimicrobial service to all of our customers – and we will put that in writing. We are a full service antimicrobial solutions provider, presenting our customers with a complete range of support services that enable them to realise the full potential of their investment. We are so much more than just a supplier of premium quality antimicrobial additives.

Here are some key reasons why so many companies chose a partnership with BioCote® when taking their antimicrobial product to market.

The BioCote® Brand

Recognised around the world, the BioCote® brand is a sure sign of antimicrobial quality, and it is a simple and straightforward way of communicating to your customers that there is something different about your product. Consequently, our brand is the most valuable thing we own.

As a BioCote® customer, you will have the opportunity to use our trademark both on your product and throughout your sales and marketing literature, allowing you to take advantage of the additional value and credibility our brand brings to your product.

You will be in good company; the network of companies that partner with us and use our trademark to their advantage ranges from SME’s and challenger brands trying to win business, to global organisations defending market share. The factor that they all have in common is offering a product with a clear point of differentiation concisely and easily communicated with the use of the BioCote® trademark.

The Science

BioCote® has nearly a quarter of a century’s experience in the field of antimicrobial technology. This continued success is built upon our unrivalled ability to apply our knowledge to an endless array of real-world customer needs.  Where others fail, BioCote® succeeds; not only in making products antimicrobial, but achieving superior levels of antimicrobial performance that are synonymous with our brand.

Our total approach to additive specification means we are not limited to a particular additive type; we will specify and supply the additive that the application dictates. There are many factors involved in additive specification aside from making your product credibly antimicrobial for its expected lifetime. BioCote® also take into consideration the material type, manufacturing process employed, the product itself and where it will be sold.

Prior to launch we will have proven your concept and demonstrated the antimicrobial performance of your product. Tested at an accredited microbiological laboratory, using the appropriate test method, you and your customers can be confident that your product will deliver antimicrobial performance that can be relied upon. We are the only antimicrobial solutions provider to hold our customers to a global performance standard. In short, if the product does not achieve our required level of performance, it isn’t ready to release to market.

BioCote’s technical support does not end there. We are the only antimicrobial solutions provider to contractually obligate our customers to regularly submit products for quality control testing. If this sounds onerous, it really shouldn’t. Not only do you get a raft of data to underpin your antimicrobial claims, BioCote® also design and manage your quality control schedule around your business needs, whether you produce yourself or your product is manufactured by a chain of sub-contractors – wherever they are in the world. We will take care of everything, all you have to do it send us the samples, and download your certificates!

Full Service Organisation

Unlike other antimicrobial providers, BioCote® is a full service organisation. We are with you every step of the way throughout your product’s life-cycle. The Account Management team equips you with everything you need to make your product, take it to market and maximise the return on your investment.

Through your Account Manager you will have access to a multi-disciplined team, each a specialist in their field and able to share their knowledge and experience with you – we become your dedicated Antimicrobial Department.

We will help you get your marketing messages right. Your message will be product, market and territory appropriate without losing focus on what will grab your customer’s attention and separate your product from the crowd. We will also make sure your sales team is market ready. We will build their knowledge base, boost their confidence and arm them with compelling messages that will resonate with your customers. Our proficiency in what we do allows us to turn potentially complicated scientific jargon into meaningful and persuasive language that everyone can relate to. The BioCote® team can also support you at exhibitions, sales meetings and events. Whatever you may need to help you promote and sell your BioCote® protected product.

BioCote® have an almost forensic understanding of global biocide regulations, which means our customers don’t have to. We supply you with up to date, comprehensive and robust marketing claims guidance, meaning you can take your product to market in a compelling, confident and compliant way, too.

BioCote® is proud of all of our customers, and each of our branded customers has a dedicated page on the BioCote® website promoting our association – with links back to their own website. Each member of the BioCote® team is committed to supporting our partners via social media, because we recognise your success is our success.

And There’s Even More…

The BioCote® Partner Portal is a 24 hour 7 day service that allows users to view and download vital documents and information when the BioCote® team are not available. It is here that customers can access their test certificates and datasheets, but they also have access to a huge amount of resources in the form of case studies, demonstrating the performance of BioCote® protected products in real-life settings; lists of microbes that BioCote® technology has been tested and proven against; images of microbes useful for marketing campaigns, fact sheets and much, much more. There is even a live chat service to the Account Management Team if you cannot find what you are looking for.

In order to make your product antimicrobial, you will need to incorporate a BioCote® antimicrobial additive – a premium chemical that has been matched to your material type. The shipping of chemicals can be complicated and time consuming. But not with BioCote®. Our top class Logistics Team will organise the quickest and most cost effective method of getting your additive to you, keeping your additive purchase hassle free and as smooth as possible. It’s all just part of the service.

Whatever your antimicrobial needs may be, BioCote® can accommodate them. We pride ourselves in being the best, and going the extra mile for our customers – sometimes literally. As a team, BioCote® takes the time to understand your business needs and goals, and we tailor our approach to best help you. Your success, as our customer, is our success, and we love nothing more than to see our customers get everything they can out of their partnership with BioCote®.

If you would like to know more about manufacturing an antimicrobial product or surface, contact BioCote® – the world’s leading, full service antimicrobial solutions provider – today.

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