You may be familiar with BioCote’s images recently published (see BioCote Case Study – Laboratory) that clearly visualise what happens to real-life bacteria when exposed to a surface protected with BioCote technology. Whilst the images are a simple way to demonstrate which bacteria survived and what were killed, the process of visually imaging live and dead bacteria is actually very complex.

The imaging process was carried out by imaging specialist Dr. Robert K Shaw of the University of Birmingham in conjunction with BioCote. The aim was to provide a clear understanding of antimicrobial properties to those who may not be of a scientific or technical background. By visually demonstrating the effects of bacteria on a surface treated with BioCote Antimicrobial Technology, it is easy to see which bacteria have not survived.

The bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa was inoculated onto a  BioCote treated material and then compared to an untreated (control sample). The resulting images provide visual proof of just how capable BioCote antimicrobial technology is at keeping any surface or material hygienic. Read on to see the process of how the images were created.