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Sunday 11th March will mark the UK’s annual celebration of the wonders of motherhood. If, like many others, you are unsure of what to get the special lady in your life, why not take some inspiration from BioCote’s list of 5 healthy Mother’s Day gifts.

  1. Fitness Tracker

Wearable technology is an increasingly popular daytime staple for many people around the world. Intuitive fitness trackers can provide real-time data on heart rate, number of steps taken, and even sleep patterns, allowing Mum to monitor her physical activities and adjust her behaviours accordingly. What’s more, these devices can be linked to mobiles and tablets making it easy to access up-to-date information at the click of a button. Take a look at 10 of the top activity bands currently available to buy.

  1. Smoothie Maker

Whether your Mum is a novice in the world of smoothies or she is a pro juicer, a smoothie maker is a great device for boosting her nutritional intake. Shop-bought smoothies can be costly, so having the ability to create them at home not only saves money, but will also allow Mum to get creative with a variety of delicious fruit combinations. Discover 10 of the best smoothie makers.

  1. Wake Up Light

An alarm clock might not sound like the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift in the world, but if your Mum is one of the many people who struggle with mornings then a wake up light might be the perfect present for her. Recent studies have revealed that waking up to natural light is a healthier and gentler way to take on the morning. Wake up lights simulate sunrise by radiating an increasing intensity of light over a period of time and they are a great alternative to setting alarms that often startle sleepers with nuisance tones. Take a peek at some of the best wake up lights on the market.

  1. Oil Diffuser

While it could be considered quite an unusual gift, an oil diffuser is certainly not one to be overlooked. Penetrating the home with comforting aromas, oil diffusers work to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere and they are regularly cited as safe alternatives to synthetic candles. Oil diffusers are also often used to humidify the air and can address many health ailments, including flu viruses and even stress. See which one would be best suited to your Mum by taking a look at some of the most popular oil diffusers available in the UK.

  1. Antimicrobial Phone Case

Mobile phones have become a fundamental accessory of modern living. Our love of these pocket devices means we are rarely seen without them, and our habits of taking them to the bathroom with us mean that more than 100,000 are dropped down the toilet every single year. If your Mum can’t bear to be without her mobile phone, why not buy her something to ensure it is protected at all times? BioCote® partner NueVue offer a range of stylish iPhone cases that benefit from an antimicrobial microfibre lining. These cases not only protect the phone from damage, but they also clean the screen and continually work to eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria on the device. Find out more about NueVue’s hygienic cases.

We hope that our blog has left you feeling inspired for Mother’s Day. Whether you choose to buy your Mum a bouquet of flowers, one of the items we have cited above, or something completely different, make sure to tell her how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

Have a glorious day!

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