BioMoi™ Antimicrobial* Vaginal Dilators Antimicrobial* Vaginal Dilators Many events in women’s lives have a profound impact on their health and sexual comfort, from childbirth to menopause, from illness to traumas. BioMoi™'s vision is to provide women with the best quality vaginal ...



Korpinen Antimicrobial Bathroom Products Antimicrobial Bathroom Products Korpinen is a Finnish pioneer in accessibility solutions. The company specialises in designing and marketing accessible bathrooms, bathroom furniture and aids. They offer uncompromising, customised bathroom solutions that are designed with specific areas of ...

Lojer Group


Antimicrobial Healthcare Equipment Lojer Group Antimicrobial Healthcare Equipment Finnish Lojer Group is the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in the Nordic region, with their products being used in more than 115 countries. The company offers unique, innovative product expertise operating to ...

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