BioCote® Welcomes Steve Burke to the Team!

BioCote® Welcomes Steve Burke to the Team!

2.2 min readPublished On: June 20th, 2024By
2.2 min readPublished On: June 20th, 2024By
Steve Burke

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the BioCote® team, Steve. As a Warehouse Operative, Steve is crucial in ensuring the smooth dispatch of our orders. Steve’s experience and positive attitude are already making an impact to our team, and we are thrilled to have him on board.

We asked Steve a series of questions to get to know him better:

What is your role at BioCote®, and what is your favourite part about working here?

“I am the Warehouse Operative at BioCote®. The people here are incredibly welcoming and supportive, which has helped me settle in tremendously well.”

Describe BioCote® in 3 words.

“Innovative, successful, ambitious”

What do you find the most challenging at BioCote®?

“Each day presents new challenges, but overcoming them is rewarding and keeps the job interesting.”

What has been your favourite project at BioCote®?

“I find great satisfaction in ensuring orders are dispatched efficiently and accurately”

What have you learned or gained since joining BioCote®?

“Since joining BioCote®, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how our products make a significant impact in various industries and how the technology works”

What have you learned in past roles that you have carried with you throughout your career?

“My experience in management has taught me the importance of delivering excellent customer service and the value of teamwork in achieving business success.”

How did you learn/enter the industry of your role?

“I have worked both in the car industry and service industry for over 40 years and through hard work and gaining valuable skill sets progressed to higher levels of achievement.”

Any random facts you could share?

“I once had the unique experience of meeting former US President Bill Clinton in Dublin during a stag party.”

Best vacation you’ve been on?

“I thoroughly enjoy visiting Lanzarote abroad and exploring Devon and Cornwall in England.”

Do you have a favourite quote?

“Life is too short.”

How do you define success?

“To me, success is achieving personal goals and continuously striving for improvement”

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring?

“A Swiss army knife, a wind-up radio, and a sturdy pair of boots.”

What are three career lessons you’ve learned so far?

“Hard work, patience, and resilience are key to professional growth.”

If you could have a dinner party with 5 guests, who would they be?

“David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Sir Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona, and Billy Connolly.”

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