Under the microscope over a 2-hour time lapse

Untreated Surface


On an untreated surface, the bacteria thrive and reproduce considerably.

BioCote® Treated Surface


On a BioCote® treated surface, the bacteria cannot survive and reduce by up to 99.5%.

Microscope used for time-lapse photography (Dr. Antonia Sagona, University of Warwick)

Dr. Antonia Sagona produced time-lapse imaging of E. coli bacteria labelled with fluorescent protein in order to demonstrate the antimicrobial effects of silver-treated surfaces compared to a control surface. The Andor Revolution XDi Dual EMCCD Camera Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope was used for imaging fluorescently labelled bacteria and data were obtained at optimal bacterial growth temperature. Dr. Antonia Sagona is a BBSCR Future Leader Fellow and an Associate Member of WISB www.wisb-uow.co.uk and she wants to acknowledge WISB for letting her use the spinning disc microscope for the development of these videos and BBSRC for the funding.