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STARDUST POWDER COATINGS SR: Antimicrobial Powder Coatings


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Founded in 2007, Stardust Powder Coatings Srl boasts comprehensive entrepreneurial experience in the coating and paints sector. Combined with the company’s unparalleled expertise, it has allowed Stardust to become a global player in the space of just a few years, with production facilities in Italy and Russia and a highly specialised research laboratory.

The extensive growth Stardust has experienced has not prevented the company from retaining the added value of an independent, family-owned company: a direct relationship with clients, an impressive degree of flexibility and turnaround speed, and the development of truly tailor-made solutions.

With customer needs and market trends as key drivers, Stardust invests heavily in research and development activities to drive innovative solutions that solve their clients’ problems. Alongside innovation and customer-centricity, the company places a strong focus of social responsibility. This drives research towards an absolute eco-compatibility of Stardust’s products with the aim to lower the environmental impact for a higher quality of life.

To further drive value-added product innovation, Stardust worked with BioCote® to introduce antimicrobial powder coatings: the Guardian AM powder coating range. Guardian AM harnesses the performance of ionic silver, which helps to reduce microbes on protected surfaces and inhibits their growth, contributing to a more hygienic environment and better-protected surfaces. Available as “Guardian AM Architecture” and “Guardian AM Medical”, Stardust delivers sector-bespoke solutions that combine targeted functionality with antimicrobial protection.

Integrated into the powder coating during the manufacturing process, BioCote® technology becomes part of the coating without affecting its functionality or aesthetics. The antimicrobial protection works around-the-clock for the expected lifetime of the coating and is effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and moulds, and has been successfully tested against ISO 22196:2011 and ASTM G21.

Guardian AM is suitable for use in many settings, including hospitals, schools, restaurants, gyms, hotels, public transportation, lifts and furnishing accessories. BioCote® technology can be integrated into all product families offered by Stardust, such as epoxies, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethanes, and all smooth finishes available, from super matte to gloss.