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Since its founding in 1983, River SpA has achieved tremendous growth, enough to strengthen manufacturing capacity to reach coating of up to 60,000 aluminium discs, 6,000 shells, and 10,000 moulded pans in its factories located in Podenzano and Corno Giovne, Italy. Controlling 100% of the manufacturing process from Italy, continuous training of specialist staff is in place to maintain a robust quality management system that is fully compliant with mandatory safety requirements through planning, execution, and control activities that ensure consistently great product results. With a large range of high-quality moulds, River SpA is able to produce any type of cookware satisfying all the diverse needs required by domestic and international markets, while maintaining its reputation for excellence.

Antimicrobial kitchen utensils River Spa


River SpA has joined forces with BioCote® to develop the Dylon® antibacterial range. This range of kitchen utensils has a non-stick coating integrated with BioCote® additives which act continuously to reduce the presence of microbes such as bacteria, fungi or mould on its surface by up to 99.8%.

At BioCote®, we prioritise safety for products that come into contact with food and drink. Our distinctive HACCP International accreditation, which formally validates the safety of our technology for food contact surfaces, is a proof to that commitment. This certification is of particular importance to our partners that supply products to the food and catering sector where food-safety compliance is not a benefit, but a necessity

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