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POSTURITE: Antimicrobial Office Equipment


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Posturite Antimicrobial Office Furniture and Equipmen


Posturite is the largest independent ergonomics company in the UK. Their range of products are designed to work with customers’ bodies to help them carry out tasks as comfortably and safely as possible. With over 30 successful years of business, Posturite has also branched out into DSE, health and safety, staff training, office refurbishment, assistive tech and more.

All the products and services offered by Posturite are designed to improve the productivity of businesses by considering the end-user of their products. As an additional product feature, Posturite have incorporated BioCote® technology to create a unique range of antimicrobial office equipment, including keyboards and computer mice.

Offering around-the-clock protection from microbial colonisation, BioCote® is effective against up to 99.99% of bacteria and mould; ultimately making products more hygienic to use and less prone to the negative effects of microbial growth such as staining.

Posturite Antimicrobial Office Furniture and Equipmen