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MIRA SHOWERS: Antimicrobial Shower Trays


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Mira Showers is a company with history and heritage. Established in 1921, Mira has been leading the way in UK showering for decades. Due to its focus on innovation, design, quality and value, the company has become the go-to choice for consumers and installers alike.

Mira Showers trays exhibit the same attention to detail and design as the remaining shower accessories. Reassuringly reliable, with flexible installation, they will never let you down – pun intended – as the Mira Flight Safe trays, in particular, come with best-in-class anti-slip coating. The range also extends to two other types of shower trays, namely Mira Flight Level (25mm profile), Mira Flight Low (40mm profile), Mira Flight (90mm profile) and Mira Flight Safe.

It’s never been easier to combine an attractive wet room look with long-lasting features. In collaboration with BioCote®, Mira Showers has incorporated antimicrobial technology into the acrylic shells of their entire shower trays range, Mira Flight. This means that the additive is moulded into the product and remains there for the expected lifetime of the product. BioCote® has been scientifically proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.9% on the tray; it also has the same effect on mould growth.

Mira showers antimicrobial shower tray