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LOJER GROUP: Antimicrobial Healthcare Equipment


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Finnish Lojer Group is the largest manufacturer of medical furniture in the Nordic region, with their products being used in more than 115 countries. The company offers unique, innovative product expertise operating to the highest standards of quality. Lojer Group is committed to giving healthcare professionals easy access to sustainable medical equipment and tools to enable effective patient care and treatment.

With a successful history in product innovation such as with Helsinki’s New Children’s Hospital, where Lojer Group introduced 80 height-adaptable antimicrobial examination tables and over 200 hospital trolleys to Helsinki Children’s Hospital, as part of a fantastic refurbishment showcasing their approach to paediatric healthcare with a focus on functionality and accessibility.

Lojer Antimicrobial Healthcare Equipment

Through their involvement with the Hygtech Alliance, Lojer has partnered with BioCote® to achieve superior hygiene levels for their products. To provide the best form of assistance for those that use it, healthcare equipment has many surfaces to grasp. These common contact surfaces accumulate microbes like bacteria and mould that can be spread from one surface to another easily. To minimise this form of cross-contamination, Lojer have given special attention to crucial touch surfaces when creating products by incorporating proven antimicrobial technology provided by BioCote® that actively reduces and inhibits microbial colonisation by up to 99.99%, making that surface inherently more hygienic, and easier to keep clean.

Lojer aims to create solutions that maintain a high level of hygiene for the end user with new materials and antimicrobial technologies that lower the risk of contamination. With BioCote® antimicrobial technology incorporated into the products, they provide an extra layer of protection that is constant and will last for the lifetime of the product. BioCote® is even effective against antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, helping those companies in the Hygtech Alliance achieve the ultimate hygiene solution for any healthcare environment.