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LEDERPLAST: Antimicrobial Synthetic Leather


Located at the heart of the Lanzo Valleys, Lederplast is an Italian leader in the production of synthetic leather. Established since 1973, their synthetic leather replaces genuine leather with versatility but also an abundance of aesthetic solutions, durability and affordability.

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Lederplast Antimicrobial Synthetic Leather


Producing artificial leather for a variety of applications, Lederplast products are suitable for upholstery for public and private, marine industry, automotive sector, healthcare and other. Whether it be leather accessories and gadgets or motor saddlery, Lederplast has a solution to any customer specific needs. The articles show full liability on colour homogeneity and wearing resistance thanks to the excellent raw materials and a constant control of production process.

Lederplast has integrated BioCote® antimicrobial technology to further enhance the performance of their protected products such as Happy AE or Vega-AE with BioCote®By introducing this long-lasting feature, Lederplast leather is continuously protected from product deteriorating microbes. Long and strong experience based on accuracy and high quality gives Lederplast the ability to follow clients’ requests about colours and technical specifications according to new market trends – such as the introduction of antimicrobial technology.

Lederplast Antimicrobial Synthetic Leather