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Gainsborough Healthcare Group: Antimicrobial Bathroom Solutions


With over 35 years of specialist knowledge focusing on accessible bathing needs, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group (GHG) is Europe’s leading choice for the design, installation and after-sales support of assistive, height adjustable and walk-in baths for a range of healthcare establishments, such as care homes and hospitals, and domestic settings.

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GHG delivers the optimum bathroom solution for all care providers, building specifiers and end users through four brands – Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, Access and G360 Bathrooms.

All GHG baths are built with precision, high quality components and materials to deliver the highest levels of safety, dignity and comfort for the user and carer alike, and are manufactured in Gainsborough’s very own UK based factory. Ergonomics and the reduction of moving and handling risks are considered in every aspect of the Gainsborough product design – its range of specialist baths is the largest collection available in Europe.

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Through the continual input of care providers, healthcare professionals and transfer specialists, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group has developed specialist bathing solutions which meet all the requirements of care settings, from nursing homes to intensive care hospitals, through to accessible bathrooms for the home. Proudly built in the United Kingdom, the Gainsborough portfolio meets European safety standards and is regarded as the first choice of leading care providers.

The operationally efficient bathing solutions deliver high quality care and reliable performance, ensuring moving and handling risks are minimised for carers, and bathers with disability benefit from improved therapy and dignity. To further enhance the user experience, this established manufacturer now includes BioCote® technology in all bathing surfaces.

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By introducing BioCote® technology into their products, GHG has delivered new standards of hygiene to the bathing sector. BioCote® reduces microbes on a protected surface by up to 99.99%, and is proven to be effective even against multi-strain bacteria such as E. coli and MRSA. The technology actively prevents the formation of biofilms, which can cause surfaces to become slip hazardous, thus making Gainsborough baths safer for users. It also increases the longevity of Gainsborough products by protecting them from material degradation and staining often caused by microbes.


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