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COLE-PARMER – STUART®: Antimicrobial Science Equipment


Specialising in products for fluidics, environmental, analytics, lab necessities, key research and process machinery for the life sciences, Cole-Parmer is a leading producer of custom, bespoke scientific equipment. For more than 65 years, the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, environmental, and food and beverage sectors have made substantial use of Cole-Parmer’s instruments and components.

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Cole-Parmer offers a variety of distinctive, market-leading brands in their portfolio, including Stuart®, Environmental Express®, Oakton®, PCRmax®, Spex®, Traceable®, and more. Cole-Parmer is also well known for providing excellent customer service and technical assistance – their technical support staff consists of highly qualified product specialists with scientific backgrounds.

Cole Parmer’s brand Stuart® specialises in vital equipment needed by scientists, including key instruments such as laboratory mixers, magnetic stirrers, and laboratory incubators. Each and every part of the Stuart® range is protected by BioCote® antimicrobial technology and has been for over 10 years – customers can rest assured that their Stuart® benchtop lab equipment has maximum protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould, thanks to BioCote®.

BioCote® antimicrobial technology is safe, effective and lasts for the expected lifetime of a product. It will also not wear off or leach out. BioCote® has been proven to reduce levels of bacteria on a surface by over 86% in just 15 minutes and by more than 99% in two hours.

Stuart® products go through a rigorous validation process, and ongoing quality control with test certification of antimicrobial efficacy. This is just one of the many services BioCote® offers their partners.