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BI-OFFICE: Antimicrobial Office Supplies and Education Equipment


The Bi-Office brand, established in 1998 as part of the Bi-Silque group, is associated with quality, versatility and functionality. Quickly rising to become one of the major motors of Bi-Silque’s growth, Bi-Office supplies to more than 80 countries across 5 continents with no intention of slowing down.

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Bi-Office Antimicrobial Office equipment


Bi-Office offers a range of product choices for both corporate and home offices, providing visual communication hardware and creating innovative solutions to communication strategies year on year.

Their equipment is designed to make it easier to organise teams and everyday tasks, making the management of projects both simple and effective. User-friendly and built with care, Bi-Office is a quality brand you can rely on.

The incorporation of BioCote® antimicrobial technology into Bi-Office’s range of office hardware provides the perfect solution for environments in which high levels of hygiene go without saying. BioCote® will last for the expected lifetime of the product, reducing 99.99% of microbes on the treated surface within just 2 hours. This extra layer of defence enables users of Bi-Office products to feel confident that the products they are using come with enhanced preservation and freshness properties. Environments such as dental surgeries, hospitals, schools and food preparation areas can raise the bar on cleanliness by reducing the risk of cross contamination with this innovative and bold choice.

Bi-Office Antimicrobial Office and Education Equipment